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These pages are dedicated to former members of the British South Africa Police (BSAP) who served with the 'Regiment' until July 1980, when the force ceased to exist. Its remnants became known as the Zimbabwe Republic Police.  The purpose of this site is to keep alive the memories of the 'Regiment' and maintain a former member network. We welcome visits to this site by former members of the BSA Police and by others who were associated with the force or who had an interest in its history and activities.

Regimental Association

The BSA Police Regimental Association is an apolitical group of former members of the British South Africa Police force formed for the purpose of:

  • providing benevolence to former members of the Force, their wives, widows and families;
  • establishing social contact between members of the Association; and
  • providing sporting, recreation and leisure facilities to its members.

There are a dozen or so autonomous branches of the Regimental Association spread around the globe which host regular functions and get togethers. Former members are encouraged to join their local branch.

You can visit the branch pages via the above links

Social Networking

A British South Africa Police page has recently been opened on Facebook, to which the web administrator will load a selection of photographs for comment by those visiting. Do come and join us there.

BSA Police Gallery

The Gallery is still available for your viewing pleasure. Images evoke the greatest memories, so, if you have any photographs of people or activities from the BSA Police eras, then we would welcome them.
Many images have already been loaded to the Gallery... click on the link at the top of the page.


Death: Ciaran Christopher Noel Colman 9245
18 March 2014

Death: Michael 'Robby' Robinson 5162
11 April 2014

Death: Vicus Leslie 'Savage' Botha 8720
10 April 2014

Death: Clive Anthony Harris 7853
7 April 2014

Death: Peter Langhan 4972
3 April 2014

Death: Patrick 'Paddy' Blanchfield 5524
25 March 2014

Death: Kenneth 'Ken' Rose 4895
25 March 2014

Death: Eric Bernard Collier PMM 3948
22 March 2014


The site is set out under the following broad categories accessible from the tabs above or links herein:

Notice Board

The Notice Boards are provided for former members and those with an interest in the BSA Police to exchange notes. You may place notices on these boards:

United Kingdom Online Store

The United Kingdom Branch of the Regimental Association is pleased to announce the opening of its new online store, which may be accessed from anywhere in the world. Access to the store may be achieved through this Store Link.

Latest News and Events

The Webmasters News pages may now be found under the News Desk tab at the top of this page. A prime objective of this site is to keep those with an interest informed with news about their former colleagues. Contributions are welcome from anyone.

Former Members Listings
The listing of former members remains a popular visiting location on this site. Please navigate to these pages via the Contact Info tab above.

For the purpose of bringing together former colleagues, the webmaster maintains a confidential database listing the present contact details of all former regular and reserve members of the BSA Police. If you wish to stay in touch with other former members, please register with the web site administrator.

In Memoriam and Roll of Honour

The site has retained its In Memoriam pages and the Roll of Honour. The Roll of Honour has been thoroughly researched and is probably the most authoritative version. See link at top of this page.

BSA Police History

Access the history pages via the links at the top of this page. Don't forget to obtain your copy of 'Blue and Old Gold' by Gibbs, Phillips and Russell. Visit this link for details:


This web site is made possible by several people. We should record our grateful thanks to Peter Hirst (7996) who had the wisdom to register the domain and who has passed this onto the the Regimental Association for its use. To Les Burrow (9591), who provides the server platform on which the site sits; Dick Hamley (5567) who has allowed the free use his drawings from his book, 'The Regiment'; Leanne Nesbitt for her professional design and artwork provided gratis; various suppliers of images and news, too numerous to mention by name; and the thousands of visitors who flock here to make it all worth while.
Andrew Field (8646)
Web Site Administrator