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The BSA Police Dog Section was first a part of the CID.

Images by Dick Hamley author of 'The Regiment'

Latest News The global network of former members keeps in touch through the Branches, news on this web site, and social media:

Regimental Association The BSA Police Regimental Association is an apolitical group of former members of the British South Africa Police. Former members of the regular, reserve and national service are encouraged to join.

Get Registered and Listed Former members may get listed on this site or simply register on the data base to stay in touch. Access the Members' list.

Social Media With former members being spread through the Diaspora, social media has become an ever popular platform to stay in touch.

BSAP Gallery Saving images for posterity is an important aspect of maintaining the history of the Force. Former members can play a part by uploading their images to the BSAP Gallery. Register and start uploading.

Notice Board Place a notice on the board if you are looking for someone, want to sell something, or simply wish to leave a message.

Online Store The United Kingdom Branch of the Regimental Association operates an online store accessible worldwide. You will find books, apparel and various other items here.

BSAP History The BSA Police started with its valuable military assistance to the Royal Charter Company. Join those who have an interest in the history of the force:

Appreciation To all those who have contributed in a big or small way, a special vote of thanks. Without you these pages would not be here.

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These pages are dedicated to former members of the British South Africa Police (BSAP) who served with the 'Regiment' until July 1980, when the force ceased to exist.

The purpose of this site is to keep alive the memories of the 'Regiment' and maintain a former member network. We welcome visits to this site by former members of the BSA Police and by others who were associated with the force or who had an interest in its history and activities.

Some Images and headings above serve as links to other pages.
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