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IntroductionThe Natal Midlands Branch of the Regimental Association was formally and officially established on 9 September 2000. The branch currently has 77 members comprising 58 full members and 19 widows who are honorary members. The branch has encouraged former members of the Police Reserve to join and continue the special comraderie we had in the Force.
The mission statement of our branch includes:
  • Providing regular social contact between members of the branch and their spouses;
  • Supporting by all possible and practical means – members of the branch and their spouses in times of need, ill health and bereavement;
  • Maintaining good relations with other branches throughout the world;
  • Keeping members informed of branch matters, and the activities of members world-wide; and,
  • Maintaining with pride, the history and reputation of a very fine Police Force in what was a wonderful country.
Principal ContactPersons wishing to make contact with the branch should contact the
PO Box 642, Hilton, 3245 South Africa.
Telephone: +27-33-3441122;
Mobile: +27-72-2863393
Office Bearers

Alan Bennett
Hon Secretary

Chris Thorn

Mike Crabtree

John Clack

Peter Reynolds