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The BSA Police Dog Section was first a part of the CID.

Images by Dick Hamley author of 'The Regiment'

ADF 8646
25 August 2018

Members E - Echo
Eastes, Barry John - St.Helens, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7253 - Superintendent - PLSM RGSM
Joined: February 1965 - Squad: 2/1965; served until December 1982
Immigrated to the UK May 2016 after much thought. Pros outdid the cons, sorry SA!! We come back each year to visit family and friends and keep abreast of what's going on via FB. Africa will always be in our blood.
Updated: 7 August 2017
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Easton, Malcolm John - Haverhill, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7188 - Superintendent - RGSM and ZIM
Joined 11 November 1964 - Squad: 8/64; served to 1980

Updated: 30 April 2009
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Eburne, Michael 'Keith' - Balito, South Africa
Force Number: 10126 - S/Patrol Officer
Joined: July 1977 - Squad: 8/1977; served until February 1982
First posting to Sinoia under Tony Wilson, GC in Umfuli TTL. Also did a stint as MIC Sub-Joc Lom Operations Room under Tim Allen and Bob Beddingham. Posted to Kariba under Ken Budd in 1980, MIC Bumi-Hills for a while.
Updated: 7 August 2017
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Edden, Dave - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 10377 - D/Patrol Officer
Joined: 2 January 1978 - Squad: 3/78; served until 30 June 1981

Currently working as the Senior Pastor of Harvest Christian fellowship in Harare, Zimbabwe. I can be contacted through Face Book, e-mail and Linkedin. After being discharged in 1981 I worked as an aircraft engineer for 6 years, then ran my own auto repair shop before joining the church in 1988.
Updated: 13 October 2013
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Edden, Michael Granville - Logan, Queensland, Australia
Force Number: 4727 - A/Commissioner - PMM GSM PLSM & Bar
Joined: 4 June 1951 - Squad: 5/1951; served until 4 June 1980
Branch Membership: Australia
Ardingly College, Sussex, Long Jump Record 1948. Still standing 2015. Best Turned Out Man and Horse and Victor Ludorum 1951. Founder Chairman Track and Field Athletics Rhodesia. Last President Rhodesia Athletics, First President Zimbabwe Athletics, Founder Member Zimbabwe Olympic Committee, International Athletics Coach, International Athletics Field Judge and Starter, Member Rhodesian Hockey Board, Chairman Mashonaland Hockey Board, Director businesses South Africa, then Zimbabwe. Retired to Australia, Chairman/Administrator Queensland Branch.
Updated: 11 July 2015
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Edie, Richard - Dundee, UK
Force Number: 7411 - Patrol Officer
Joined October 1965- Squad: 8/65; served to June 1969
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Went into teaching and retired in 2003 as Headteacher.
Updated: 5 February 2012
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Edge, Richard - Perth, Australia
Force Number: NS901821 - NS Patrol Officer - Bronze Baton; RGSM
Joined: 5 April 1976; served until 30 September 1977
Updated: 5 February 2012
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Edwards, Kenneth Savill - Christchurch, New Zealand
Force Number: 6500 - Constable
Joined: 8 October 1961 - Squad: 12/1961; served until 9 October 1964
; Telephone 00642102678770

After graduating from Police Depot, I was transferred to Gwelo (Rural) where I spent most of my 3 year career - apart from 2 months in a temporary capacity at Umvuma & then serving out my final 6 months at Featherstone before my discharge "time expired - at own request". I then moved to South Africa where I spent the next 37 years with SAPPI (South African Pulp & Paper) Company, retiring at the end of 2002. My marriage to a Kiwi lady lasted 22 years during which time we produced 2 daughters - all of whom moved to Christchurch, New Zealand in 2000. I subsequently followed in November, 2007. I'm happily settled in Christchurch & have acquired New Zealand citizenship. I turned 71 in December, 2013. I've often visited the BSAP website to obtain news of my former colleagues.
Updated: 4 January 2014
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Edwards, Robert - Empangeni, South Africa
Force Number: 111185 - S/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: October 1979 - Squad: 10/1979; served until January 1983
Posted Wankie - served at Sibankwazi - best years of my life - who got paid to go fishing - now back on Zambezi after many years but on the other side. Working as a Logistics Manager for a big cane farm between Empangeni and Richards Bay.
Updated: 12 August 2016
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Elley, Christopher J - Prescott,Arizona, USA
Force Number: 7763 - Section Officer (T) - RGSM
Joined: June 1967; served until November 1970
Branch Membership: North America
928-445-8624; Mobile: 928-925-7434
Spent all my BSAP time in Byo workshops at the begining of the war. Worked with a fine bunch of chaps....Cheers to you all, Stu/Sam/Dave/"Farlie/Bill/...good days........Thanks to you all Cj.
Updated: 23 May 2014
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Ellis, Peter Anthony Pattaya, Thailand
Force Number: 7020 - Constable
Joined: 10 October 1963 - Squad: 9/1963; served until 31 December 1966
; 66 (0)951081238

Left Rhodesia in October 1973 to Ireland, then SA for four years. England one year followed by 2 years in Nigeria and 5 in Ghana - all on contract Civil Engineering works. Started English teaching in 1992 - private programmes. Retired to Thailand 2013. Write English educational booklets and worksheets.
Updated: 28 February 2015
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Ellis, Peter - Barrington, RI, USA
Force Number : 9407
Joined April 1975; served to April 1977

Served in Highlands, Harare (Salisbury). I'm trying to piece together some memories of this time. Read Peter Godwin's 'Mukiwa' about his life growing up as a white boy and then NSPO in Rhodesia. He was in Morris depot at the same time as me, but in a different squad. S.O. 'Pop' Ellis (no relation) was my squad leader. Visited station and then-current M.I.C in 1987 -- all seemed well-organized and efficient. Brought back fond memories
Updated: 15 September 2012
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Ennis, Mossy - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 436 - W/Patrol Officer - RGSM and ZIM
Joined: December 1977 - Squad: 4/77; served until 1981
Branch Membership: Transvaal
+27 011 6158247
083 4890860
Worked in Byo central, Charge Office. CID drugs and Homicide. Jhb ran sales in embroidery co for 28 yrs. Retrenched- currently running own business in corporate clothing gifts etc.
Updated: 21 February 2018
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Esler, Bill - Darling, RSA
Force Number : 5648
Joined 3 March 1957; served to 30 November 1981
Served in CID and SB at Bulawayo., Salisbury, Umtali and Sinoia. Now retired to DARLING, RSA - 10 Long Street , Darling 7345. Tel 02241-2648
Updated: 15 September 2012
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Esterhuizen, Harry - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 7885 - Patrol Officer
Joined: 9 January 1968; served until 9 January 1971

Working as a recruitment agent, own business. still married to Jo, lost two boys to acccident and cancer. residing in jhb.
Updated: 15 September 2012
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Estment, Athol - Johannesburg South Africa
Force Number: 8263 - Inspector - RGSM
Joined: 29 May 1969 - Squad: 5/1969; served until 3 October 1982
Branch Membership: Mashonaland Branch
+27 79 284 7237 Fax:

Served mostly in District Victoria then Bulawayo Rural Back to Fort Vic as Provicial PATU Inspector Then Wankie, Nkai Filabusi and took discharge when I was OIC Gweru Central. Joined the Water Treatment Industry working for Sud-Chemie which has recently becaome a member of the Clariant Group of Companies. Jeannie and live in Malawi my area of responsibilty inludes Zimbabwe; Kenya; Uganda; Nigeria; DRC; Nothern Mozambique. Very proud Grandfather of twin girls Drew and Nina in Johnnesburg our daughter Cheryl is their mother. My son Neil who lives in Ipswich UK has a son Rowan our only Grandson.
Updated: 16 June 2012
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Eterman, Rodney - Sedgefield, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8895 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: January 1973 - Squad: 1/73; served until 1982
Branch Membership: Western Cape
After Depot posted to Gwelo until 1975. Umvuma untill 1976. Enkeldoorn untill 1978. Shabani until 1979. Gwelo until 1982. The BSAP was the most wonderful experience that I have never regretted.
Updated: 21 February 2018
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Evans, Peter Thomas Shillum - Somerset West, South Africa
Force Number: 5988 - Constable - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: April 1959 - Squad: 3&4/1959; served until July 1964
Branch Membership: Western Cape
+27 (0) 218524279
+27 (0) 829529828
Salisbury Central, moved to Avondale, Marlborough, Information Room, Central Firearms Registry, ending service at Salisbury Park. Travelled the world until 1971 when joined Air Traffic Control in Salisbury. 10 years service in Rhodesia then contract ATC work in Middle East, South Africa, Seychelles, Europe. Completed career in Oman as ATC Instructor for 13 years. Retired in 2013 to Somerset West. Still active in sailing, water-skiing, camping.
Updated: 22 January 2016
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Evison, Lesley J 'Jenny' - Brighton, United Kingdom
Force Number: 354 - W/Patrol Officer - RGSM ZIM
Joined: 1 September 1976 - Squad: 3/1976; served until 2 May 1980
Branch Membership: United Kingdom Branch

After depot, posted to Bulawayo Central there after Queenspark till finished. Currently working as a Rehabilitation Officer for blind and partially sighted people.
Updated: 28 December 2011
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Members F - Foxtrot
Fannin, Bruce - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: NS1009650 - S/Patrol Officer
Joined 7 January 1975 - Squad: 2/1975; served until 31 December 1975
+27 21 7909930
National Service in 1975. Based at Fort Vic Rural during that year. Now in Cape Town with Deloitte & Touche.
Updated: 22 May 2010
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Farnsworth, Ken 'Bob'
Force Number: 110949 - RGSM; ZIM
Joined 1 April 1978 - Squad:; served to 30 January 1981

Served at Mashaba, Fort Vic Rural, Gutu, Support Unit (Delta Troop). Howzat to all those I know and had way out times with !
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Fawn, Brian - Neustadt, Germany
Force Number : 4826
Joined December 1951 - Squad: 15/1951; served to October 1954

After training in Harare was stationed at Gwelo, Selukwe, Lalapanzi, in District Police, then to CID Bulawayo. The country, the Zimbabwe People and the comradeship in the force were fantastic. I am sorry to find so few of the old comrades on this list but very happy to find there is an association and a list at all. If anyone knows where I can find some Squad XV/51 types please pass on my E-mail address. I have quite a few b/w photos I took in country. Maybe I could bore someone else with them for a change, instead of my wife. After leaving the force I spent 10 more years in business in Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Feeny, Michael - Canton, GA, United States
Force Number: 5914 - Constable - GSM
Joined: November 1958 - Squad: 9/58; served to November 1961
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
+1 678 880 6427
+1 401 864 7052

Last posting CID, Bulawayo Currently run my own company in Georgia, U.S.A.
Updated: 26 November 2016
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Fenwick, Jeffery Francis - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 9852 - S/Patrol Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: December 1976 - Squad: 12/1976; served until June 1980
Updated: 21 April 2018
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Ferguson, Bill - Lusaka, Zambia
Force Number: 9287 - Section Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: 17 December 1974 - Squad: 8/1974; served until July 1982
Branch Membership: Mashonaland Branch
(+260) 977740003
My first posting after depot was Kezi in Gwanda District. Thereafter I served at Sun Yet Sen before transferring to Bulawayo Central where I did a stint in Charge Office and then became a Bee Car Driver. Transferred to CPU Bulawayo central and then on passing promotion to SO transferred to Western Commonage. Returned to Districts with a transfer to lalapanzi as m/i/c for a few years and then finally posted to Chivhu as m/i/c there. Having passed the exams and board for promotion to Inspector was caught up in the situation at the time and was never made up. After the Force, got into Commercial Security where I have been since, currently in Lusaka.
Updated: 8 January 2011
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Ferguson, Mervyn - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 24149Y - RGSM
Joined 1 July 1976; served to 15th September 1979

Started off in A Striker Force at Penalongha and ended up at Morris Depot Armoury workshops

Fergusson (nee Perks), Carol - St Austell, United Kingdom
Force Number: WP213 - W/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: March 1973; served until November 1976
Updated: 26 August 2016
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Ferreira, Diaz - Somerset West, South Africa
Force Number: 6472 - D/C/Inspector
Joined: August 1961 - Squad: 11/1961; served until April 1980
Branch Membership: Western Cape
Stationed Mzilikazi, Hillside , CID bulawayo. Transferred to CID HQ and then Frauds Salisbury. Left Zimbabwe for UK and returned to SA 1996.
Updated: 21 February 2018
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Field, Andrew D
- Harare, Zimbabwe
Your friendly web site administrator!
Force Number : 8646 - Detective Inspector - RGSM; XSM; ZIM
Joined 1 July 1971 - Squad 6/1971; served to 18 April 1981
Membership - United Kingdom and Mashonaland
263-4-755593 Fax 263-4-753999

Served at Salisbury Central, Salisbury Suburban including Avondale, Mabelreign and Hatfield, did time in CID - Crimes of Violence, Fraud Squad, Property Section and Southerton (Copper Section), ending up at CID Headquarters at CCB (fingerprint bureau).
Transferred to Fort Victoria where I eventually joined Special Branch. Transferred to SBHQ in 1980 - A Desk (Nationalism, ironically post independence) through the trauma of change
Left the force to join the tobacco industry and studied IT and accounting. Still here in Zimbabwe, running my own business, in the frozen foods line and credit bureau business.
Updated: 27 March 2010
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Finch, Peter Jack - Kempton Park, South Africa
Force Number: 6000 - C/Superintendent - ZIM; SM; RGSM; PLSM
Joined 28 April 1959 - Squad: 5/59; served until 2 May 1982
Branch Membership: Transvaal Branch
011 9728528

Currently Group Safety Manager Afgri,Jhb.Member Natal and Tvl Association. Joined BSAP as a Cadet, thereafter on completion of recruit training posted to Que Que. On promotion to S/O posted to Salisbury Central. From there to PGHQ Recruiting then to Borrowdale as 2 i/c. Posted to Umtali on promotion to Insp to Inyati as i/c. Then to Gatooma as i/c Rural and on promotion to Supt to Umtali as Commander Sub Joc Umtali. On promotion to C/Supt to Prov Training Officer Mat/Byo Prov,s. Resigned from Byo. Married a Que Que girl Joan, we have 2 sons and 4 grandchildren. Born and educated at Umtali. I enjoy playing golf and am a member of Benoni Lake Club.
Updated: 6 April 2012
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Finnigan, Rodney Norton - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 5917 - C/Superintendent - RGSM; PLSM; ZIM; XYSM
Joined: 1 December 1958 - Squad: 10/1958; served until 30 April 1984
Branch Membership: Mashonaland

Ex Portsmouth City Police (Cadet). Ex Royal Military Police (Regular).Ex BSAP and ZRP.Committee member Central Advisory Committee.Past President IPA(Rhodesia/Zimbabwe).Semi-retired Risk Management Consultant(large Hotel Group in Zimbabwe).
Updated: 29 June 2014
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Firth, Brian 'Flash' - Thornton - Cleveleys, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8307 - A/Commissioner - RGSM, PLSM and Bar
Joined 26 August 1969 - Squad: 7/69; served to 26th August 2000
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
01253 825324 - Fax: 01253 825324
Stationed at Sby Central 5 times, Support Unit, S.B. Att. to close Security Unit and P.G.H.Q.

Fitch, Colin Raymond - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 10162 - Section Officer (T) - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: 1976 as a cadet - Squad: 10/1977; served until 31 December 1980
Branch Membership: Western Cape
27 21 5341823 - Fax: 27 21 5345738
Currently an armourer with the SANDF.
Updated: 26 March2011
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Fitsgerald, Catherine see Mason
Fitton, Michael - Buderim, Australia
Force Number: 5885 - Constable
Joined 18 September 1958- Squad: 8/58 (R93/8); served to 18 September 1961
Branch Membership: Australia
(07)5476 9512 - Fax: (07)5476 9512
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Flowers (nee Smallbones), Jane - Benoni, South Africa
Force Number: WP527 - S/Patrol Officer - Rhodesian Service
Joined 4 March 1979 - Squad: 2/79; served until 30 December 1982

Traffic Highway Patrol Hre. Traffic Bulawayo. Vic Falls, Dete . Work for Remote Exploration Services based in Cape Town but work in other African countries as required by the company.
Updated: 20 February 2010
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Flowers, Frank - Benoni, South Africa
Force Number: 7404 - Section Officer - Long Service
Joined 2 September 1965 - Squad: 8/65; served until 31 March 1982
Branch Membership: Mashonaland Branch
; Tel +27 21 531 3162

Ex Cadet C357, Sinoia. Stationed Gwelo Rural, Featherstone, Support Unit, Braeside, Traffic (Sby), Waterfalls, PATU Office (Sby Prov),Kariba & Chirundu. Presently work for Remote Exploration Services who do mineral exploraton and am based in Cape Town, but work all around Southern Africa as required.
Updated: 20 February 2010
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Flowers, Norman - Quincy, Illinois, United States
Force Number: 9553 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 23 January 1976 - Squad: 2/1976; served until 23 January 1979
(812) 989-7363
After Que Que High School, I joined the BSAP as a Regular P.O. from 1/76 to 1/79. I spent my 3 years at Salisbury Central Station, and was also in PATU. I have fond memories - It was a great time! It’s unfortunate that I have lost contact with friends and fellow officers I served with. I hope to re-establish contact with them if possible. I left the force to complete my training for the ministry. I am a Priest with the Anglican Church in America, Illinois, USA.
Updated: 10 October 2015
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Flowers, Stanley William
- Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 111180 - Marksman
Joined: 25 January 1980 - Squad: 4/1980; served until 24 January 1982
After Depot I was posted to Hatfield suburban station in Harare where I served for 6 months before being transferred to Morris Training Depot Instructional Staff and served under C/Inspector Lambourne in the Drill Staff as a Drill and PT Instructor. I attained the rank of Staff/Lance Section Officer.
Updated: 2 November 2013
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Floyd, Keith Martin - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 10371 - Section Officer
Joined: 30 January 1978 - Squad: 3/1978; served until 24 June 1080
021 9472349
Spent my two odd years in the force with Lima Company Support Unit. It would be great to hear from some of the guy's ie. Duncan Cramp, Darryl Brent, Pete Horne and any of the others from the Unit.
Updated: 17 February 2013
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Flynn, Robert
- Waterford, Ireland
Force Number : 6264
Joined 8 January 1961; served to April 1978
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
+353 51 396272
Like to make contact with old friends in the Regiment!
Ford, Louise Heather - Cato Ridge, South Africa
Force Number: WP71 - Superintendent - RGSM; PLSM; ZIM; TYM
Joined: December 1962 - Squad: 1/1963; served until July 1981
Branch Membership: Natal
+27 (31) 783 4837
Stationed Sby Info. Room, Enquiry Section, Liquor & Drugs, attachments to CID Crimes of Violence and SB - stationed Umtali Traffic & Enq. and Court Section. Stationed Sby as Lance S/O Enquiries, i/c Store Thefts. Stationed Byo Traffic Law Enforcement section, as S/O i.c Accident team. Secondment Temp to i/c Byo Driving School. Passed Civil Service Lower Law exams, promoted to Inspector and transferred to Byo Magistrates Court as i/c Court Section and Public Prosecutor. Stationed Sby as i/c High Court, then i/c Traffic Law Enforcement & Highway Patrol. Stationed PGHQ as assistant to Staff Officer Welfare & Sport. Given my own station Braeside. Promoted to Supt and posted to PGHQ as Staff Officer Welfare & Sport. Resigned my commission and emigrated to S.A. in August 1981. Security Manager Natal Building Society Computer Department in Pinetown. Promoted and moved to Headoffice in Durban as Security Manager Planning & Investigations, doing Disaster Recovery Plans for the NBS group of companies. Whilst giving the Advanced Motoring tuition I wrote a training manual, which since ceasing that business I have updated and expanded upon. On being retrenched from my last job, I had this manual published as a book called Don't Die on the Road - Drive to Stay Alive. I have a Facebook Page called "Don't Die on The Road", on which my Website can be accessed via the "contact us" button. This gives further details on my credentials for writing the book, plus an "about the book" tab which gives insight into the contents. The book is available online via Amazon & others, but in order to avoid the unfavourable exchange rate, South Africans can get it direct from me.
Updated: 21 June 2016
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Foster, Armand Richard - Alfreton, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8775 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined 9 March 72 - Squad: 2/72; served to 9 Mar 75
Branch Membership: United Kingdom

Updated: 2 August 2009
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Foster, Michael Robin - Tonbridge, United Kingdom
Force Number: 4863 - Constable - CPM
Joined: 18 February 1952; served until 18 February 1955

Updated: 26 June 2010
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Foulkes, Eric Oswald - Yepoon, Queensland Australia
Force Number: 5216 - Constable
Joined: 14 March 1954 - Squad: 2/1954; served until 14 March 1957
Branch Membership: Australia
Updated: 24 November 2018
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Fourie, Jean-Pierre “Stompie” - Harare, Zimbabwe
Regimental Number: 9946 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined 11 February 1977 - Squad: 3/77; served to 31 December 1980
Branch Membership: Mashonaland
Stationed at Bulawayo Central, Sauerstown, Hillside, Banket and Tomlinson Depot
Fourie, Louis Johannes Gilbert - Pretoria, South Africa
Force Number: 7858 - Inspector - RGSM
Joined: 1967 - Squad: 8/1967; served until 1979
0835667653 - Fax: 012-6514929
MD of Consulting Company Optimum Safety Consultancy consulting locally and abroad in mining and construction industry safety, health and environmental
Updated: 5 February 2012
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Fowkes, John - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 5514 - Inspector
Joined 24 June 1956 - Squad: 5/56; served to 31 May 1969
Fox, John - Auckland, New Zealand
Force Number: 4006 - Constable
Joined 26 April 1946; served to 26 April 1949
Branch Membership: Mashonaland

I am staying with family at 414 Whitford Maraetai Rd. R D 1 Howick Auckland. Previously Chairman of Senior Citizens Club, Harare for 6 years.

Frampton, Stephen James - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 9876 - S/Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: 25 January 1977 - Squad: 1/1977; served until 24 April 1980

Served at Manicaland Provincial Headquarters, Mutare, PGHQ, Harare and Support Unit Headquarters, firstly at Tomlinson Depot and then at Chikurubi. Currently employed in sales and marketing in the Zimbabwe sugar industry
Updated: 27 January 2013
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Franceschi, Roberto
- Eugene Oregon, United States of America
Force Number: 8379 - Inspector
Joined December 1969 - Squad: 11/69; served to January 1981
541 463 8293
Would like to be in touch with former 11/69 Squad members.
Updated: 26 April 2008
Francis, Robert Grant - Durban, South Africa
Force Number: 7830 - D/Inspector
Joined: 3 October 1967 - Squad: 10/1967; served until March 1983
Branch Membership: Natal
0827850222 - Fax: 031 - 5394942

On leaving the BSAP, joined Smiths Industries in Pinetown as Personnel Manager and then was with Clover Dairies for a futher 14 years as IR Manager. Left to start own business in 1999 - Bosch Car Service centre - now have one in Hillcrest and one in Mt Edgecombe. Very keen on wildlife photography and spend whatever spare time I have in the bush.
Updated: 21 January 2011
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Frankleyne, Mike - Potchefstroom, South Africa
Force Number: 9627 - Section Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: May 1976 - Squad: 5/1976; served until August 1980
Ground Coverage at Shamva, Swan Lake and Muka's. Attached to Sepecial Branch in the Wankie area before being posted back into uniform towards the end of the war, MiC - Tuli.
Updated: 29 October 2016
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Franklin, Robert Alexander 'Bob' - Birmingham, United Kingdom
Force Number: 6473 - Inspector
Joined 28 August 1961 - Squad: 11/1961; served until 30 June 1982
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
0121 604 6967
Spent virtually all my service in Bulawayo. Now retired and living in the UK. Would love to hear from old friends and colleagues.
Updated: 22 May 2010
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Fraser, Alexander - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 8367 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined 11/69 - Squad: 11/69; served to 30/6/1976
09 880724
Am still here, have been farming since leaving the force, at present on forced leave from my tobacco farm, we still live in hope in this beautiful country of ours and my late wife Heather (W/P/O Duguid 152) and I have often treasured our memories of the good old days.
Updated: 9 November 2008
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Frederiksen, Sydney William - Sydney, Australia
Force Number: 6718 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: 9 August 1962 - Squad: 8/1962; served until February 1971
Served at Bulawayo Central, Western Commonage, Information Room, Hillside, back to Western Commonage, and several years with PATU. After leaving lived in Salisbury, then Port Elizabeth for 10 years & have lived in Sydney for the past 30 years.
Updated: 2 January 2016
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Freeman, Paul - Sydney, Australia
Force Number: 110765 - S/Patrol Officer
Joined: February 1978 - Squad: 13/1978; served until 1981
Born in Salisbury Attended Cranborne Boys High Joined the force as a Cadet 2/1978 Was in squad 13/1978 Stationed at Byo Central, Hillside Byo and CPU Currently living in Sydney Australia
Updated: 13 October 2013
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Frees, Graham Barry - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 6832 - Patrol Officer
Joined: 1961 - Squad: 2/1961; served until 1967
Branch Membership: Mashonaland

Left school Thornhill High Gwelo, joined force as Constable, did 18 months in Morris Depot doing police display - horses/bikes, started in S'ton, Waterfalls did last horse patrol in Seke, went to Central Info b/cars - PATU-than Highlands. Left Snr Patrol Officer -but called in police reserve more PATU/Special in Fort Vic. Then Lic Insp and CPU lastly Traffic Section mobile now semi-retired with Nissan Zimbabwe, Warranty
Updated: 14 April 2013
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French, Guy Ollie - Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Force Number: 10131 - S/Patrol Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined 27 July 1977 - Squad: 7/7; served to 31 December 1980
Branch Membership: United Kingdom

Served at Byo. Cent. and Hillside and some long stints with PATU. After leaving the Force somehow got involved in making movies for Goldmines and other corporate entities. Left Africa in 1999 and now living in the UK and working as Dept Manager for a large Supermarket group. Married to Jenny ( Daughter of R/Insp Dave Brown) and two daughters. Everyone welcome to make comms.
Updated: 6 June 2008
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Friend, John Jeffrey Charles - East London, South Africa
Force Number: 9835 - Section Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: 15 December 1976 - 11/1976; served until 31 March 1981
Served in Redcliff, Dett, Que Que Rural and finally, Que Que Central. Emigrated to South Africa in 1983 where i still reside in East London. I am currently involved in the building material supply trade.
Updated: 22 September 2012
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Friendship, Monty - Stellenbosch, South Africa
Regimental Number: 7459 - Superintendent – RGSM, PLSM, XLSM, ZIM
Joined 15/10/65- Squad: 9/65; served to 2/1/83
Branch Membership: Western Cape
Fromburg, Neville - Durban, South Africa
Force Number : 8896
Joined 3 January 1973 - Squad: 1/1973; served to 10 February 1981
Branch Membership: Natal
'The best years of my life' sums up th BSAP. Served Gokwe one of the best stations in the old country), Que Que Rural, CID Ft Vic, SB Chiredzi and took discharge from CID/SB Que Que. See very few squad mates from 1/73 in the listings.

Frost, Tony 'Jack' - Cardigan, United Kingdom
Force Number: 6954 - Patrol Officer
Joined: 11 May 1963 - Squad: 6/1963; served until 11 February 1967

Retired to coast in Wales. Would be good to hear from 6/63 squad members
Updated: 15 September 2012
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Fuller, Martin - Harplinge, Sweden
Force Number: 7590 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: April 1966 - Squad: 4/1966; served until May 1976
046 769413322 ;

Served Vic Falls, Kazangula, Pandamatenga (x3), Sibankwazi, Wankie, Lupane, Bulawayo, Gatooma, Gokwe, QueQue
Updated: 1 November 2017
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Furia, Antony 'Fudge' - Gloucester, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8400 - Patrol Officer
Joined 25 January 1970- Squad: 1/70; served to 30 September 1973
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
After Morris Depot Training Period, Stationed at Salisbury Central, Waterfalls and Last Station was Salisbury Park.
Fynn, Mike - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 900622 - NS Patrol Officer
Joined: July 1974; served until July 1975
+27 (0)716808833
Updated: 18 October 2017
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