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The BSA Police Dog Section was first a part of the CID.

Images by Dick Hamley author of 'The Regiment'

ADF 8646
7 August 2017
Members G - Golf
Gainsford, Gary Robert - Rustenburg, South Africa
Force Number: 8985 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: May 1973 - Squad: 4/1973; served until May 1976
+27 82 331 9947
Charge Office Salisbury Central (S/O Dusty Millar, Inspector Frost) CPU, Teams (3 Tours Team Echo Dotito 236B) Support Unit (Zulu 3 with S/O Ron Hein)
Updated: 26 June 2016
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Gall, David - Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom
Force Number: 5919 - Constable
Attest Date: December 1958; served to December 1961
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Apart from brief secondments to Mtoko and Nyasaland served solely at Gwelo Urban. Now retired from Strathclyde Police, Scotland.
Garden, Roy - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 111164 - Patrol Officer
Joined: January 1980 - Squad: 4/1980; served until March 1982
Currently still living in Bulawayo on Matopos Road just down the road from Hamilton my ex school.Self employed selling Cummins Engine Parts.Stayed in Zimbabwe representing the country at Athletics Squash and Bowls. What a life it was as the saying go`s. Won a gold medal at the 1998 Commonwealth Games for Zimbabwe in Lawn Bowls.Retired from Zim Bowls 2013. Took up again in 2016 won the South African PBA qualifier to represnt the South African PBA at World Indoor Bowls UK , Potters Leisure center Jan 2017. Here to switch out the lights MAYBE!
Updated: 29 October 2016
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Garnett, Chris - Perth, Australia
Force Number: 7283 - Patrol Officer
Attest Date: 27 February 65 - Squad:2/65; served to 26 February 68
E-Mail: Updated: 21 January 2011
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Garvey,Brian Christopher Sutton - Benoni, South Africa
Force Number: 6692 - S/Patrol Officer
Joined: 12 June 1962 - Squad: 7 & 8/1962; served until January 1968
Branch Membership: Transvaal
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 0832511177 Fax: Nil
From Depot stationed at Salisbury Charge Office, then Rhodesville then Information Room (2 stints) and finally Avondale sub station. On discharge returned to UK for 1 1/2 years then returned to the sunshine of Rhodesia and South Africa. My career post BSAP.,breiflyfound me in the pharmaceutical/health care industry retiring as GM of a Danish multi national company. Am an avid sport fanatic still cycling runningswimming and golf. Was married to WPO 82 Barbara Sargant, had 2 children, Adrian (ex Springbok tighthead) and Christine who lives in Bulawayo.

Updated: 23 May 2014
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Gatland, Peter - Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Force Number: 7543 - D/Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: 08 March 1966 - Squad: 2/1966; served until 8 March 1976
Branch Membership: Natal
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +270826147608
On taking gratuity went into transport industry until 1996 when I went into the liquor retail trade in Botha's Hill and Hillcrest during which owned three bottle stores. Have now relocated back to Pietermaritzburg where I manage the liquor store at Parklane Superspar. Married in 1975 and have 2 sons and 3 grandsons.
Updated: 4 January 2014
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Genari, Peter Stewart - Aldershot, United Kingdom
Force Number: 10262 - Patrol Officer
Joined 27 December 1977 - Squad: 13/1977; served to 1 November 1980
Updated: 19 December 2009
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Gemmell, Jock - Chester, United Kingdom
Force Number: 9345 - S/Patrol Officer
Joined: 1975; served until 1978
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Served in Chibi then Salisbury Control room - B-cars and PATU, short spell with Fraud Squad. Spent time at Rushinga. Joined Kent Police UK in 1979 to 1988. Now Risk Control manager for U.S. Co. providing risk control services for emergency service & high risk vehicle fleets in UK, USA & Middle East.
Updated: 21 February 2018
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Gibbard, Carl - Boston, United Kingdom
Force Number: 9495
Joined 1975; served to 1981
Branch Membership - United Kingdom
Served in Umtali, Chipinga, Nyamaropa (Inyanga), Shabani, Inyanga, Kariba and finally Salisbury.
Gibson, Andrew Joseph - Johannesburg, South Africa Force Number: 6981 - Patrol Officer
Attest Date: 13 June 1963; served to 31 July 1969
Branch Membership: Transvaal
E-mail: ; Telephone: (011) 728-2994 Fax: (011) 728-6657
Stations include Salisbury Main Station (Charge Office, Information Room, Enquiry Section and Mortuary), Borrowdale, Mabelreign. 'A' Reserve member 1974(?) to 1980. Trying to locate 6990 Christopher John Wilson - any knowledge please contact me.
Gibson, Deborah 'Debbie' see Aron
Gibson, Peter - Centurion, South Africa
Force Number: 5156 - Inspector - Silver Baton, RGSM
Attest Date: 1October 1953; served to July 1980
Association Branch: Transvaal
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +27 12 654 0214
Any SWAT or Dog Section Members - please make contact
Gilbert, Ian - Tanilba, Australia
Force Number: 8447 - Patrol Officer
Joined March 1970 - Squad: 3/1970; served until March 1973
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 0434718242
Updated: 7 March 2011
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Gilbert, Raoul M - Majorca, Spain
Force Number: 5498 - Superintendent
Attest Date: 26 June 1956 - Squad: 5/56; served to 11 February 1977
Branch Membership: United Kingdom Branch Telephone: (971) 236-051
Depot to Fort Victoria (Urban), 1956/57. District police, Zaka, 1957-59. CID Bulawayo 1960/61. SB Bulawayo-Vic. Falls ('65-'68), 1961-1972. CID Salisbury, 1973/4. CIO 1974-77.
Giles, David Francis - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 110836 - Patrol Officer
Joined: 20 February 1979 - Squad: 6/1979; served until 1981
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 0114683373; Fax: 0114683374
Updated: 10 April 2011
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Gillespie, Robert 'Bob' - Vancouver, Canada
Force Number: 5385
Joined 1956; served to 1967
Branch Membership - Bulawayo
E-Mail: ; Telephone: (604) 943-4425 Fax (604) 943-4425
Joined the Pioneers initially in Salisbury, moved to Bulawayo and Gwelo. On leaving the BSAP taught in Bulawayo. Left Zimbabwe for Vancouver, Canada in January 1987. Currently living in Vancouver with all family close by (son, daughter and 6 grandchildren) running own building construction and cheque cashing businesses. All old acquaintances are most welcome to call and visit.
Gillot, Norman Gerald - Swadlincote, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7571 - S/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 1 April 1966 - Squad: 3/1966; served until 30 September 1970
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
First posting to Karoi,Jan 67 1 week later trans to Chirundu March 68 Sby central-beat & pm house guard.Later Magistrates court.Aug.68 trans Norton till Sept. 70 Currently employed at book distribution hub in midlands in UK. Am on facebook and internet.
Updated: 20 February 2011
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Gillwald (Nee Thomas), Lyn - Cliffe, Kent, United Kingdom
Force Number: WPO403 - W/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: July 1977 - Squad: 3/1977; served until June 1979
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-Mail: ; Telephone: (+44)07854413507
Was stationed in Gwelo after passing out and transferred to Hartley 1978.
Updated: 5 June 2011
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Gillot, Norman Gerald - Swadlincote, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7571 - S/Patrol Officer
Joined: 5 April 1966 - Squad: 3/1966; served until 30 September 1970
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 01283762327 Fax:
Left Zimbabwe in 1982 returned to SA, Newcastle.Left SA 2002 December and have been in UK since in the midlands where I live with my wife Linda of 40 years. 3 children living in SA, UK and Germany.Am still working and getting along just fine

Updated: 3 December 2011
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Gloss, Sinjen Cavanaugh 'Mac' - Masvingo, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 8711 - Patrol Officer
Joined: December 1971 - Squad: 9/1971
Branch Membership: Mashonaland
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +2637722253555
Updated: 5 June 2011
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Goddard, Brian - Margate, South Africa
Force Number: 8679 - Inspector
Joined: September 1971 - - Squad: 8/1971
Branch Membership: Natal Midlands
Joined in 1971 and from Depot was posted to Gwanda District where I served at Gwanda, Tuli and Kezi with relief stints at Filabusi and Sun Yet Sen. In 1983 transferred to Support Unit from where I left. Currently working investigations for Anglo Platinum based in Rustenburg.
Updated: 21 February 2018
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Golden, Alan - JHB, RSA
Force Number: 9479
Joined 1 May 1975; served to 11 March 1981
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 011 7886632 Fax 011 7886031 Would be great to hear from old friends
Goldie, Gary - Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Force Number: 902217 - Patrol Officer - Bronze Baton
Joined: January 1977; served until December 1978
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +27 71 688-1331 - Fax: +27 86 537-9975
First NS then regular. Proud memeber of Support Unit Hotel Troop. Would love to hear from members of Support Unit.
Updated: 15 September 2012
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Goodes, Hilton - Port Moody, Canada
Force Number: 10279 - S/Patrol Officer - RGSM, ZIM
Attested December 31, 1977 - Squad: 15/77; served until December 31, 1980
Stationed at Wankie and West Comm. Would like to hear from any squad mates (15/77) or anyone else who remembers me.
Updated: 4 April 2010
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Goodridge, Peter Robert - Sydney Australia
Force Number: 8805 - D/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 16 May 1972 - Squad: 4/1972; served until 16 May 1978
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +61 (0) 411 653 543
Anyone who remembers me from Bulawayo please make contact and say hello.
Updated: 5 February 2012
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Gradwell, Neil - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 7654 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 3 December 1966 - Squad: 9/1966; served until 6 April 1972
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 083 2616548
Joined as a Cadet early 1966 and served at Sinoia and Sipolila. Attested Dec. 1966 and after Depot served at Hartley, Mubayira, later again Sinoia, Banket,Kariba and finally Salisbury Traffic. Now have a business in Cape Town as well as a small guest farm near Yzertontein. Sadly my wife Ruby passed away August 2011 but have a beautiful daughter Amber. Would love to hear from former mates.

Updated: 27 January 2013
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Graham, Philip
Force Number: 6805 - Section Officer
Joined Dec 1963 - Squad: 13/1963; served to Sept 1973
E-mail: ; Telephone: 031 783 4737
Greatest Police Force ever. Best years of my life
Graham, Reg David - Tonbridge, UK
Force Number: 7157/8382 - Superintendent - RGSM
Joined 15 August 1964 - Squad: 6/64; served to June 1982
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-mail: ; Telephone: 01732 355662
Long time out of the loop. I am back!
Updated: 19 September 2009
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Granger, Anthony 'Tony' - Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
Force Number: 9086 - D/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 18 December 1973 - Squad: 7/1973; served until 1 January 1978
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +441743360827 - Fax: +441743240381
Uniform District: Inyanga CID: Salisbury SB: Salisbury, Mash Prov Current: Independent Financial Adviser, Shrewsbury, UK Author: 14 Financial Books on pensions, tax, investments, funding education fees etc. I book short stories - Blondies Revenge. Status: Widower, 2 sons Networks: Plaxo, linked-in, facebook
Updated: 20 February 2011
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Grant, Allison - Tsumeb, Namibia
Force Number: WP 0453 - W/Patrol Officer
Joined 03 March 1978 - Squad: 1/78; served to 31 July 1979
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 0926467 220273 H; Fax: 0926467 222713
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. James Hutcheson,(ex black boot) where are you? Contact me,
Updated: 20 October 2007
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Gray, Alasdair David - Secunda, South Africa
Force Number: 9976 - S/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: March 1977 - Squad: 9/1977; served until 1980
Transferred from DRR to train with Squad 9/77. Posted to Bulawayo Traffic Branch "Khami road",Served in Patrols and Investigations. was a member of P.A.T.U. Was sent to "Westgate fuel site base after the attack on the Petrol site in Salisbury. I later requested a transfer to Bembesi after marrying Theresa nee palmer "ex W.P.O". I am at present working for Sasol Synfuels Secunda.

Updated: 28 December 2011
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Green, Peter - South Africa
Force Number: 9693
Joined 16 July 1975; served to 15 July 1978
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 0828034008 Fax 033-3261039
I originally joined with a whole crowd of GWEBI students doing our National Service. Liked the force so attested into the Regulars early in 1996. Served in Essexvale, Nkai, Bulawayo CID/SB and finally West Comm. Went farming for ten years on the Natal North Coast . Now you could say I've gone to the dogs, I have my own Boarding Kennels and Cattery in Pietermaritzburg. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Nige Fawcett (Essexvale) Rob Goode (Bulawayo CID)?
Greenberg, Karl - Toging am Inn, Germany
Force Number: 9731 - Patrol Officer - RMS
Joined: August 1976 - Squad: 8/1976; served until August 1978
I am semi-insane, have written perhaps the best book about life in the BSAP. I get banned a lot - but I have learnt to stick to my stick. FB - The Gokwe Kid.
Updated: 1 August 2015
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Greenhalgh, Noel - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 9114 - Section Officer
Joined: 3 January 1974 - Squad: 1/1974; served until 2 January 1981
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 2634853215
Joined Jan 74 posted to Mat. province, returned to Salisbury Province March 1975 posted to Hatfield, then Highlands, then central control room, member of Swat, boss then Peter Gibson, moved to C.P.U. where I completed time until Jan 1981.
Updated: 13 October 2013
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Greenhill, Carol - see Anderson
Greenly, Al - Perth, Western Australia
Force Number: 7572
Joined 4 April 1966; served to January 1980
Branch Membership - Perth
E-Mail: ; Telephone: [08] 93103105 Fax [08] 93109115 Greetings all, happy and settled in Perth and would love to hear from old friends and collegues.
Grey, Patrick Louis - Upington, South Africa
Force Number: 9352 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: 28 January 1975 - Squad: 2/75; served until March 1980
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +27845859222
My first posting was to Essexvale in Mat Province. Transfered to P.E.C Salisbury Central, early 1976. Attached to SB Vic Prov '77/78. Returned to Salisbury Central Investigations Section for the duration of my service. Married to Grace, nee SCOTT (DWPO 310). Exited force March 1980. Worked on Shabanie Mine as a Mill Operator. Qualified in Extractive Metallurgy and Mineral Processing at Bulawayo Tech. Moved to Havelock Mine,Swaziland 1986 and to Upington, Northern Cape, RSA 1996 where I own and run a small rewind business.

Updated: 3 December 2011
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Grierson, Doug - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 5860
Joined 2 August 1958; served to
Branch Membership - Western Cape
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 021 7979130 Fax 021 7979130 Served for 22 years until 1980, Presently Chairman of the Western Cape Branch of the Association. Married WPO 89 Diana Treadwell. Amateur historian of the BSAP and collector of insignia,badges etc.
Griffin, Michael - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 9144 - D/Section Officer - RGSM & ZIM
Joined: 29 January 1974 - Squad: 2/1974; served until 30 June 1981
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 0832304676
Updated: 2 November 2013
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Grigg, Lesley see Hughes
Grimes, Jayne see Stedall
Grobler, Christopher - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 10216 - S/Section Officer - RGSM, ZSM
Joined: November 1977
Branch Membership: Transvaal
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +27 82 5783843
After leaving the force I joined Syfrets Merchant Bank in Harare. Left for South Africa in January 1981 to Rhodes University. Graduated with a BSc in Information Processing and currently work for a Medical company in Johannesburg. Divorced with two childre (19 and 15). Would love to hear from ex squad mates.
Updated: 23 May 2014
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Grobler (nee Holt), Janice - Springs, South Africa
Force Number: W264 - W/Patrol Officer
Attest Date: 24 November 1975; served to 7th December 1977
E-mail: Redundant
Updated: 26 June 2016
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Grobler (nee Meyer), Lynn - Sunshine Coast, Australia
Force Number: WP313 - W/Section Officer
Joined: January 1976 - Squad: 1/1976; served until April 1980
Gwelo 1976/1977. Shabani 1977/1978. CID Fort Vic 1978-1980. Presently living on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
Updated: 16 June 2012
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Groombridge, Michael - Isla Canela-Ayamonte, Spain
Regimental Number: 4915
Attest Date: May 1952; served to May 1955
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-mail: ; Telephone: 0034959477823 - Fax: 0034959477824
Contact Address: Urb Hoyo 1, Campo de Golf 22-B9, 21409 Isla Canela -Ayamonte, Huelva, Spain
Gunston, Brian - Hillcrest Kzn, South Africa
Force Number: 7183 - Section Officer - RGSM
Attest Date: 10 November 1964 - Squad: 8/1964; served to 30 November 1975
E-mail: ; Telephone: +270317168136
Would like to contact any Dog Section members esp, from Bulawayo in the late sixties and early seventies.
Gurney, John - Southampton, United Kingdom
Force Number: 21008J - ZIM, RGSM. ADM (Australian Defence Medal)
Attest Date: May 1974; served to Nov 1882
Branch Membership: ex Matabeleland
'A' Reserve, Bulawayo Central (Enquiry Section), Drill Hall Staff as an instructor to General Service Unit, and finally Finance Section, Stops Camp as a Field Reservist.
Updated: 1 February 2009
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Members H - Hotel
Haasbroek, Joh - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 9787 - S/Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: 10 October 1976 - Squad: 10/76; served until 31 December 1979
+263 4 498689;
+263 779 390 390;
COIN Instructor Support Unit battle camp Concession 1976/77. Patrol officer Belingwe/Buchwa 1977/78. Musketry instructor Morris Depot 1978/80. Air Zimbabwe 1980/81. Pharmaceutical sales & management. Married 1984. 4 kidults 3 boys, 1 girl. Papua New Guinea 1988/92 Coca-Cola. 1993/current, Timber merchant, Mt Hampden Harare Zimbabwe.
Updated: 23 May 2014
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Hadfield, Alan Percival - Camden NSW, Australia
Force Number: 8755 - Inspector - RGSM, ZIM, ZSM, ZLSM
Joined: 9 February 1972 - Squad: 1/1972; served until 9 November 1981
Branch Membership: Australia
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +61298245520
I joined the Force as a Cadet in January 1971 (C706), wnet into Depot and was in 1972 Display Squad. Stationed as a Cadet at Bulawayo Central Enquiries, Hillside and CPU. As a Regular was stationed at Gwelo Central, Selukwe, Mount Darwin, Centenary, Gutza, Op Hurrican Ground Coverage, Support Unit 'Oscar Troop' where I was wounded in action in 1976, Marlborough, Bulawayo Traffic, Traffic West, Salisbury Information Room and finally Officer-in-Charge Hatfield Police Station.
On leaving the force, I got involved in Private Security in Johannesburg with a mining group ending up as Operations Director (Security) for the Group. 1989 moved to Cape Town and started up own Security Companies, which I sold to ADT Security in 2005 and moved to Sydney and started up a Transport Company. I am married to Lesley, have three children, Brendyn and Louise are in England, and Ross is with us in Australia.
Updated: 13 October 2013
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Hadfield, Percy - Fisherhaven, Hermanus, South Africa
Force Number: 4606 - Constable
Attest Date: 5 April 1950 - Squad: 6/1950; served to September 1957
Branch Membership: Western Cape
E-mail: ; Telephone: 028312976
Have now retired and live in Fisherhaven near Hermanus in the Western Cape
Updated: 20 September 2008
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Hadfield, Trevor Charles - Midrand, South Africa
Force Number: 9005 - Inspector - RGSM ZIM
Joined: 25 June 1973 - Squad: 5/1973; servd until 25 February 1982
Branch Membership: Transvaal
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +27114681048
After Deport spend a few months in Salisbury Charge Office before being transferred to Karoi mid 1974. 1975 Transferred to Mukambura GC, then Msana, Madziwa & Masebura (Bindura) before marrying and returning to uniform branch in 1978 at Highlands, Salisbury. Made up to Inspector at Salisbury Park before moving to ODZI as OIC. Now live in SA, Kyalami, MidRand. Still travel to Zim regularly where we have a distribution network.

Updated: 14 April 2013
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Hagan, Stephen - Mutare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 9087 - D/Section Officer - RGSM
Attest Date: 1 Dec 1977 - Squad: 7/73; served to 30/4/80
Hagemann, Michael Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 110766 - Patrol Officer - RGSM, ZIM
Joined: 3 January 1979 - Squad: 3/1979; served until 31 December 1980
I left the force and went to Rhodes where I qualified as a high school teacher. Left teaching at end of 2014 and currently working towards a PhD on the Rhodesian war poetry written by Chas Lotter.
Updated: 1 August 2015
Hall, Cathy - see Buggs
Haller, Alan John - Greyton, South Africa
Force Number: 8998 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: March 1973 - Squad: 4/1973; served until 1979
+27 61 886 9049
After leaving Rhodesia eventually ended up in the earthmoving business in East London RSA 1983-2104. Retired to Greyton, Western Cape
Updated: 1 April 2016
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Halls, Guy - Salisbury, United Kingdom
Force Number: 9621 - S/Patrol Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: 28 April 1976 - Squad: 5/1976; served until 09 May 1980
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Bulawayo Central:Charge Office 1976 Hillside, Bulawayo:Charge Office-Investigations. 1976 - 1980 PATU. Sub-Aqua Matabeleland.
Updated: 20 February 2011
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Hamley, Richard - Ravenswood, Australia
Force Number: 5567 - A/Commissioner - PLSM; RGSM; ZIM; SM
Joined: 28 October 1956 - Squad: 8/1956; served until 28 October 1982
Branch Membership: Australia
E-Mail: ; Telephone: (08) 95378654
Retired and living in a retirement village near Mandurah, Western Australia
Updated: 30 September 2010
Hammond, Patrick Wayne - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 9491 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 25 November 1975 - Squad: 8/1975; served until 24 November 1975
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 0772 257 029
Qualified as a Motor vehicle mechanic after leaving the BSAP. Divorced with two Children, Taryn and Belinda-Jane. Enjoys the monthly get together at Mount Pleasant Sports Club.
Updated: 21 January 2011
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Hand, William John 'Bill' - Beith, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8962/9645 - Patrol Officer - RGSM, ZIM
Joined 27 March 1973 - Squad: 3/1973; served to 31 August 1979
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-mail: ; Telephone: 07749744141
Retired from Wiltshire Police in 2005. Now MOD Police (dog handler) based in Beith, Scotland.
Updated: 29 June 2008
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Hardwick, Gerald 'Gerry' Owen Scottburgh, South Africa
Force Number: 6719 - C/Inspector - RGSM
Joined: 9 August 1962 - Squad: 8/1962; served until 2 May 1980
; ;
0832315662 - Fax: 0866280237
Served at Umtali Rural, Nyanydzi, Headlands, Traffic Salisbury, Mount Darwin, Centenary (Mi/c at commencement of Op Hurricane), PGHQ, Support Unit HQ, Midlands HQ, CID HQ and retired from PGHQ.Spent 10 years with Natal Parks Board as a Camp Manager, 6 years as GM of Wardkiss Hardware Durban and lastly 8 years as Administrator of Umdoni Park Trust Umdoni Park Golf Club on Natal coast.Have now retired in old hometown of Scottburgh. Can be contacted by e-mail.
Updated: 12 September 2015
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Hardey, Derek Forbes - Melbourne, Australia
Force Number: 7069 - D/Patrol Officer - RGSM, ZIM
Joined: 13 February 1964 - Squad: 1/1964; served until 27 April 1970
Branch Membership: Australia
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 03 9700 1431 Fax:
Now retired. Am married to Rhodesian lady (third generation), Elizabeth Joan Gifford of Ft. Victria) with two children, Ryan, who lives in Vancouver, Canada, and Tara who lives in Melbourne, we have five grandchildren. Am Representative in Victoria for BSAP Australia Reg. Assoc. Am in touch with Airforce and SAS personnel with whom we march each year in the Anzac Day Parade. Best wishes to ALL.

Updated: 29 February 2012
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Hardy, Graham Beit - Carlisle, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7281 - RGSM
Joined: 21 February 1965 - Squad: 2/1965; served until 20 February 1968
Branch Membership: Matabeleland
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 077306196093
Updated: 13 October 2013
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Harrington-Johnson, Rob - Sydney, Australia
Force Number: 8036 - RGSM
Joined July 1968 - Squad: 8/68; served to July1971
E-mail: ; Telephone: +61299990122- Fax: +61299990394
Schooled in Umtali, leaving in 1967, did my national service in the army at Kariba. Joined the BSAP in 1968 and did my three mainly in Traffic Salisbury. After being overseas for two years I came back and did a stint in PATU and then A Reserve Avondale,Que Que, then the Marine wing at Binga. Since my last up date we lived in Hong Kong for six years and now in Sydney Australia.

Updated: 13 June 2009
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Harris, Jim - Oxford, United Kingdom 8 December 2002
Force Number: 10577 - D/Patrol Officer
Attest Date: 16 June 1978 - Squad: 9/78; served to 30 December 1980
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-mail: ; Telephone: 07831 316591
Harris, Peter - Colchester, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7893 - Superintendent - RGSM XYSM ZIM
Joined: 9 January 1968 - Squad: 2/1968; served until 31 August 1982
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
+44 7770426769.
Bikita, Vila Salazar, CID Bulawayo, Norton, Chirundu, Goromonzi, SIS Mashonaland, Goromonzi, Support Unit, Gwanda. Retired (medical) and residing in Colchester U.K.
Updated: 11 July 2015
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Harrison, Phil - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 8004/8794 - D/Inspector - RGSM, ZIM
Attest Date:10 June 1968 - Squad: 6/1968; served to 14 June 1982
Branch Membership: Natal
E-mail: ; Telephone: +263 4 302171 - Fax: +263 4 302171
Joined 6 squad '68 - Bulawayo D/School, Zaka, Vila Salazar, Fort Vic Rural, Salisbury Traffic, Mtoko - Left Force 1971 and rejoined in 1972 - Umtali Central, Buhera, Nyanyadzi, Chipinga, CID Gatooma, CID Gwelo, SB Shabani, SB Salisbury, SB/CID Kariba, SB Sinoia Left 1982 then in CIO.
Harrison, John - Shepshed, United Kingdom
Force Number: 27777R - RGSM; ZIM; served to 1 June 1982
Harrison, Terence 'Nick' - Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa
Force Number: 5645 - Constable
Joined: 2 February 1957 - Squad: 2/1957
Branch Membership: Transvaal Branch
Updated: 28 December 2011
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Hart, Philip William - Ladybrand, South Africa
Force Number: 7564 - Inspector
Joined 1 April 1966 - Squad: 3/1966; served to 31 October 1976
Branch Membership - Natal
Philip Hart died on 21 March 2012 in Bloemfontein, South Africa
Updated: 23 March 2012
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Hartley, Cy - Winchester, United Kingdom 22 February 2003
Force Number: 6605 - C/Superintendent
Attest Date: 12 February 1962 - Squad: 2/1962; served to 1st July, 1983
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 01962 869542 - Fax: As above
Salisbury Central / Beatrice / CID Bulawayo / SB Bulawayo / SB Victoria Falls / Salisbury CID / Bulawayo CID. Since leaving travelling Consultant.
Harvey, Jonathan - Centurion, South Africa
Force Number: 8026 - Inspector
Joined 2/07/1968 - Squad: 8/68; served until 16/07/1981
Membership: Transvaal Branch
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +27 12 664 6340
Updated: 9 May 2010
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Harvey, Mike - Auckland, New Zealand
Regimental Number: 6121 - Superintendent - PLSM and Bar, RGSM
Attest Date: 8 February 1960- Squad: 1/60; served to 8 February 1985
Branch Membership: Auckland
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 006494738744
Harwood, Matthew - Grantham, United Kingdom
Force Number: 6789 - Inspector
Joined: November 1962 - Squad: 12/1962; served until October 1981
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +44(0)7521042269
Updated: 27 January 2013
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Havill, Robert Gordon - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 8522 - Inspector - Bronze Baton; RGSM; XYSM; ZIM
Joined: January 1970 - Squad: 6/1970; served until May 1983
Currently living in Harare, has three grown daughters and five grandchildren. Runs a multi contracting business.
Updated: 28 July 2012
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Hawken, Anthony John - Blantyre, Malawi
Force Number: 6413 - S/Patrol Officer - GSM
Attest Date: 12 June 1960; served to July 1966
Branch Membership: Natal
E-mail: ; Telephone: +2658827026
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Hawkins, John 'Jim' - Melksham, United Kingdom
Force Number: 5021 - Constable
Attest Date: 13 March 1953; served to 25 August 1955
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 01380 828787
Stationed Salisbury, for Royal and other escort duties 1953, then Gwelo. Left to join the N.R.Police in 1955. Retired Chief Inspector 1964, joined Anglo American and De Beers Group and retired March 1995 now living in Wiltshire. United Kingdom
Hay, Angela Elizabeth see Boothway
Haybittel, Debbie see James
Hayes, Brian - Greytown, South Africa
Force Number: 7504 - Inspector
Joined 1964; served to 1983
Association Branch Membership: Natal
E-mail: ; Telephone: 033-41333201 a/h Fax 033-4132584 o/h
Joined as cadet at Gwelo Rural (recall Harry Moolman, Dennis Castell-Castell!, Brian Pittaway,Keith? Simpson - Tony Rozemeyer). After Depot to Inyathi, (Op Nickle with Don Rowland, Mike Iredale, Ray Hart etc.) Fort Rixon, Mayobodo, Nyamandhlovu, Matopos, Hartley, Lalapanzi, Shabani, Gwelo HQ, Umvuma and then back to Gwelo. Mainly Ground Coverage with attachments to SB. Temp postings to Binga, Centenary, 'Red Bricks' with John Bradfield and Fort Vic area. As is often repeated - the best Force the world has ever known. Would love to hear from old contemporaries. Now employed in the Industrial Relations field and still involved in the 'conflict area' !!. Married to Maureen and have 3 daughters, the eldest with United Nations head office. Have restored a number of classic vehicles and have just completed GTPW125 mini moke ex Tjolotjo.
Hayes, Michael James - Brisbane, Australia
Force Number: 28014Z - RGSM
Served until 1980
Branch Membership: Australia
Retired collector of Rhodesian and Southern African memorabilia, researcher. Living in Queensland ,Australia. Please forward my info to other collectors
Updated: 17 February 2013
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Haynes, Graham - Mafikeng, South Africa
Force Number: 9794 - Patrol Officer - RGSM; ZIM; ID
Joined: 6 January 1976 - Squad: 9/1976; served until 30 June 1981
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +27837776156
Joined as Cadet Stationed at Fort Vic Central after depot worked Bikita and Chiredzi. Currently refrigeration technician for SAB in Mafikeng, South Africa
Updated: 16 November 2013
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Heath (Nee Hill), Sue - Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
Force Number: WP328 - W/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: January 1976 - Squad: 1/1976; served until July 1979
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 07818698954
Married Brian Heath who was also in the Police for the same period as me, in 1980. He died in 1992 from Cancer. We had two children a girl, Cheryl and a boy, Craig. Left Zimbabwe in 2006. Have worked as a live-carer in the UK and am now a matron at a private school.
Updated: 5 June 2011
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Heaton, David John - Derby, United Kingdom
Force Number: 18109H, R/Patrol Officer
Updated: 28 July 2012
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Henderson, Barry - Chester-Le-Street, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8635 - D/Patrol Officer - GSM
Attest Date: 29 April 1971 - Squad: 4/71; served to 29 April 1976
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-mail: ; Telephone: 0191 4105415
Moved to the UK in 2001
Updated: 1 February 2009
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Henderson, Martin - Reading, England
Force Number: 8361 - Patrol Officer
Joined 30 December 1969; served to 2 September1973
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Display Squad 1970. Bulawayo Driving School. Wankie District/Sibankwazi to end 1971. 'D' Troop Support Unit 1971-73

Henderson, Peter - Chesterfield, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8661 - D/Inspector
Joined: 1971 - Squad: 6/1971; served until 1982
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 01773 520885; Fax: 07971 798887
I have been resident in the UK for some years now but spent much of my time on overseas assignments. I have recently become permanently UK based.
Updated: 16 April 2014
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Herdman, John - South Africa
Force Number: 110887
Joined 2 April 1979; served to 18 January 1982
Updated: 1 January 2011
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Heycock, John - Port Arthur, Australia
Force Number: 6373 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: 24 April 1961 - Squad: 6/1961; served until 1 May 1973
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 03.62501021 - Fax: 03.62502560
Updated: 8 September 2010
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Hickie, Trevor James - Gateside,United Kingdom
Force Number: 8429 - C/Inspector - Bronze Baton
Joined 1970; served to 1981
Updated: 9 January 2010
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Hickman, Antony 'Tony' Philip - Krugersdorp, South Africa
Force Number: 7914 - D/Inspector - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: 13 February 1968 - Squad: 3/1968; served until 31 December 1980

+27 11 7911108
Stationed :- Salisbury Central Charge Office, License Inspectorate (Drug Section) Avondale, Braeside, CID Stores Central / Southerton, Homicide and CID Head Quarters.
Updated: 27 March 2017
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Hickman, Stuart Edmund 'Toby' - Washingborougy, United Kingdom
Force Number: 6679 - Constable
Joined: May 1962 - Squad: 6/1962; served until October 1964
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Having had an awful 2016, I was in hospital for several months and my beloved wife died from brain cancer. I had my left leg amputated in July and my new leg was fitted in September. I moved up to Lincolnshire on 7th December to be near my family. At last I can drive and have my freedom back.
Updated: 2 February 2017
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Higham, James 'Jimmy' William - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 8435 - Patrol Officer - Bronze Baton for Bravery
Attest Date:5th March 1970; served to 5th March 1973
E-mail: ; Telephone: 0834571966
Stationed Fort Vic Rural, Vila Salazar, Chiredzi, Chibi, Fort Vic Urban, Salisbury Central. Returned Durban, worked M&R Construction then Paving Company. Presently running own Paving Company in Cape Town. 2nd Marriage to Rhodesian girl Naomi, two daughters 23-21yrs.
Hill, Frank and Derry - Sooke B.C., Canada
Force Number: 4775
Joined September 1951; served to December 1971
E-Mail: ; Telephone: (250) 642-4112
Hill, John - Kensington, South Africa
Force Number: C104/6017/FR?? - Inspector - RGSM, PLSM
Joined: 8 June 1959 - Squad: 7/1959; served until 31 July 1977
Branch Membership: Transvaal
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 081-270-0304,
+27 61 4735439; Fax: 086-657-2539
Still happily retired, but working harder than ever!! Would enjoy re-establishing comms with 'old' comrades. Have just moved to a delightful cottage in Kensington. If you look hard enough, you will find me and my family on the dreaded FB!
Updated: 27 January 2013
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Hill, Lindsay - Victoria B.C., Canada
Force Number: 10349 and C1034
Joined 29 December 1977; served to 8 January 1981
E-Mail: ; Telephone: (250) 642-4112
After leaving Zimbabwe in 1983 I spent many years travelling and living in different countries (South Africa, England, Australia, New Zealand, etc) but now thoroughly enjoy life in British Columbia, Canada.
Hill, Sue see Heath
Hilliard, Bert - Falkirk, United Kingdom
Force Number: 6880 - Patrol Officer
Attest Date: 14 Feb 1963 - Squad: 3/63; served to 7 April 1966
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Served Inyati 1963-65 then moved to Mphoengs and Mayobodo - left to get married 1966 . Subsequently spent 5 years plus in Zambia with RCM on the Coperbelt. Now retired 31st March 2004 after 25 years as I.T.Support Engineer.
Hillier, Peter John - Hitchin, UK
Force Number: 5171 - S/Section Officer
Joined: 2 December 1953 - Squad: 9/1953; served until 1968
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 014348 831037
Joined 1953..left regulars 1968 on Gratuity.Joined the Police Reserve 1970 Bulawayo until 1980. Worked in Bulawayo till 1988 when returned to South Africa.Worked in Johannesburg until 2004 when went to live in United Kingdom...presently living in the UK
Updated: 5 February 2012
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Hillman, Dave - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 7473 - Section Officer - RGSM
Attest Date: 22nd Oct. 1965 - Squad: 9/65; served to 1972 ?
Association Branch Membership: Cape Town
E-mail: ; Telephone: +27(21) 5302850 - Fax: +27(21) 5310909
National Distribution Manager for Toy Importer/Manufacturer, based in Cape Town but covering the Central African region. Enjoy living on the West Coast about 30 kilometres from Cape Town (Melkbosstrand). Still riding Motorcucle (XForce Club) and playing social cricket.
Hirst, Peter - Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Force Number: 7996
Joined 10 June 1968; served to 30 May 1972
Since leaving the BSAP I have worked in Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Scotland working in the Petro/Chem Industry in materials control. Anyone in the Oregon neighborhood is welcome to stop by. Please e-mail me for a phone number. I served in Mash Prov 1969-72.
Hoadley, Kerry - Perth, Australia
Force Number: 5316 - S/Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: December 1954 - Squad: 8/1954; served until July 1965
Branch Membership: Australia
+61 (08)92910431
+61 (0)481342872
Served in Salisbury Central (Traffic and 'B' cars). Ran the Town Police Hostel for a year in 1962 before moving to Avondale Police Station as member i/c. Qualified as a Chartered Secretary in 1968. Relocated to Perth, W. Australia in 1979, with my wife Olivia and two children (now grown up). Retired in July 1998
Updated: 21 June 2016
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Hoare, Richard - Polokwane, South Africa
Force Number: 8390 - Inspector
Joined: 2 January 1970 - Squad: 1/1970; served until 30 November 1980
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 082 330 6688
Updated: 27 January 2013
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Hobart, Robert John - Lancing, United Kingdom
Force Number: 383362 - Reserve Section Officer
Joined: 1974; served until 1985
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
+44 1903 905487
Updated: 12 September 2015
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Hodges, Paul - Leeds, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7475 - S/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 28 October 1965 - Squad: 9/1965; served until 20 December 1970
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-mail: - Telephone: 0044 113 2602589 Fax:
Served all 5 years in Bulawayo. My last posting being Information Room as a 'B Car' Driver. Back to the UK where I served twenty seven years with the West Yorkshire Police. Spend two to three months every year in Greece with my lovely wife,Sylvia. Meet up informally with a dozen or so ex BSAP colleagues two or three times a year, mainly in the Midlands and North of England.

Updated: 17 February 2013
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Hodgkiss, Rob - Centurion, South Africa
Force Number: 110926 - Patrol Officer
Joined: 19 April 1979 - Squad: 8/1979; served until 19 April 1981
Branch Membership: Transvaal Branch
Having left to Force (to the delight of my superiors) I moved to South Africa where I spent many years as a senior officer in the Fire Services eventually leaving to open my own risk consultancy. That was fine but I missed the adrenaline rush, so I quit, to do a bit of Adventure work with a well known international adventure organisation. I then went into the Scuba Diving Industry and after quite a few years, finally got sick of teaching scuba diving and went back to Risk Consulting. I now have my own Risk Consulting business in Centurion which keeps me busy doing Risk Assessments and Analysis for Insurers and other enterprises as well as Insurance and Fire Investigations. I'm on Facebook and my website is at www.sarisk.org

Updated: 16 June 2012
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Hodgson, Mark Stephen - Mandurah, Australia
Force Number: 111143G - Patrol Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: 1979 - Squad: 14/1979; served until December 1981
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 0404800413
I rode mounted troop for royal escort and openning of parliment in 1980 and went on be part of the mounted police display across Zimbabwe during all the shows. Ended my time in the police serving at Westcom Police Station in the townships of Bulawayo. Currently I'm the production manager at Pinjarra Alumina Refinery in Western Australia.
Updated: 27 January 2013
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Hodgson, Shaun - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 110720 - Section Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: December 1978 - Squad: 1/1979; served until May 1982
Branch Membership: Transvaal Branch
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 0767240860
Served in the Support Unit from 1979 till May 1982. Mainly served in Echo Troop with various OC's but also did a stint in Lima Troop with Darrol Brent amoungst others
Updated: 5 February 2012
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Hodnett, Gordon S - Toowoomba, Australia
Force Number: 7638 - Inspector - RGSM
Joined 6th September 1966 - Squad: 7/66; served to May 1980
Branch Membership: Queensland Branch E-Mail: ; Telephone: 07 46306974
Served Headlands 67, Buhera 68,Umtali Rural, 3 Relief Umtali Cen, Sandy Sanderson aide, during Pearce Commission, 2years GC, (Inyanga/Rusape Mtoko Chipinge)3 Brig HQ Umtali 2 i/c Chipinge, i/c Umvuma. Now in business in Australia. Welcome any contact with old friends.
Updated: 8 November 2009
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Hodson, Brian - Ormskirk, Lancs, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8131 - Inspector - RGSM
Attest Date: 16 December 1968 - Squad: 11/68; served to 30 January 1979
Branch Membership: United Kingdom Branch E-mail: ; Telephone: 01704841360
Joined as a mature recruit having previous service in the Merseyside Police Force. After completing a shortened course at Morris Depot, I served time at Rhodesville, Salisbury Licence Inspector, Enquiry Section and Harare Central. Transferred to Fort Victoria in 1976. Served at Camps and Hostels and Fort Vic Central.
Hogg (nee Charnock), Caroline - Strand, Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: WP328 - W/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 20 January 1976 - Squad: 1/1976; served until 13 May 1978
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +27 21 853 2543
Updated: 26 June 2010
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Hogg, David Alan - Strand, Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 5517 - C/Superintendent - RGSM
Joined: 5 August 1956 - Squad: 6/1956; served until 2 July 1978
Branch Membership: Western Cape Branch
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +27 21 853 2543
Updated: 26 June 2010
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Hoggarth, Mike - Kendal, United Kingdom
Force Number: 5639 - Section Officer - RGSM, PLSM
Attest Date: 10 February 1957 - Squad: 2/57; served to 9 February 1977
Branch Membership: United Kingdom E-mail: ; Telephone: 01539 720657
After I retired in 1977 I came back to the UK and took up employment in the motor trade until I retired again in 2005 when the garage closed down. I would like to hear from any contemporaries.
Updated: 7 March 2009
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Holland, Shirley Patricia see Coetzee
Holloway, Geoffrey John - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 6267 - Patrol Officer
Joined: January 1961 - Squad: 1/1961; served until 1968
Branch Membership: Western Cape
E-Mail: ;
Stationed: Marandellas, Macheke, Enq Sect Salisbury, PGHQ
Updated: 29 June 2014
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Holmes, David Peter - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 6345 - Patrol Officer
Joined: 21 March 1961 - Squad: 5/1961; served until 1967
Branch Membership: Transvaal
+2701 615 2232
+2783 253 2194
Presently Chairman Transvaal Branch. Served in Traffic Branch (Dockets, Traffic Mobile, Highway Patrol) Information Room, Avondale Station
Updated: 12 September 2015
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Hood, David Leslie - Amanzimtoti, South Africa
Force Number: 9613 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 7 April 1976 - Squad: 3/1976; served until July 1980
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +27 82 699 0192
Posted to Fort Vic Central. Transferred to Fort Vic Rural. Joined GC and served at Triangle, Vila Salazar, Malapati, Buffalo Range, JOC Ft Vic.
Updated: 28 December 2011
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Hopkins, Henry - Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Force Number: 5659 - C/Inspector - Canal Zone RGSM PLSM IM
Attest Date: 3 March 1957 - Squad: 3/57; served to 31 July 1978
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
E-mail: ; Telephone: 01242 231012
Living in Sheltered Housing (I am the Scheme Representative).Involved in local 'civic' affairs.Daughter Tracey (still doing a stint with Cardiac Unit JRH Oxford, married (two children)to Christopher and living near Abingdon.Son, Grant, Pensions Manager, married (one child) to Helen living in Hungerford.Would be delighted to resume contacts with former friends and colleagues of the Force.

Updated: 28 June 2008
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Hopkins, Robert William Railt - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 6530/9000 - Inspector - RGSM; PLSM; ZIM
Joined: 11 November 1961 - Squad: 13/1961; served until March'84
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +263-9-258147
Attested from RSA,after dpoet served in Bulawayo,nd theb Support Unit. One of the founder members of PATU. Also a Sub-Aqua type.
Updated: 3 December 2011
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Hopley, Gavin Peter Bligh - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 8376 - C/Inspector - ZIM:SM:RGSM
Joined: 30 December 1969 - Squad: 10/1969; served until 10 October 1982
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +263772238599
Updated: 27 January 2013
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Hopper, Richard John Stuart - Auckland, New_Zealand
Force Number: 5339 - S/Section Officer
Joined: May 1955; served until September 1965
64 09 5338835
2017 Vice President NZ Branch. Reside in an Auckland retirement village, now age 80, play tennis. cycle touring, hobby of 50 years is warship modelling, Royal Navy Force H, Gibraltar as at 1943, RNZ Navy frigates.All radio controlled and built from RN plans. Wife Lyn a teacher at Jamison High School Gatooma 1961.Our best man late Terry Looker. squad mate, John Worden, passed away this year, Wellington. Great guys.
Updated: 12 May 2017
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Horn, Bob - Barnstaple, UK
Force Number: 6902 - Patrol Officer - GSM Malaya
Joined: March 1963 - Squad: 4/1963; served until September 1977
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 07714326718
Joined up in London, arrived depot 3/63, Posted to Bulawayo and Dog Section,and Bulawayo Enquiries.
Updated: 28 December 2011
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Horn, Malcolm - Leeds, United Kingdom Force Number: 110693 - D/Section Officer - RGSM
Attest Date: 12 December 1978 - Squad: 14/1978; served to 15 September 1983
I joined Dec '78- Squad 14/78, served in West.Comm.Bulawayo.Then S/O 1/80.Served in Salisbury,Bulawayo,Chiredzi CID Fort Vic. Married and divorced, have a 9 yr old Daughter. Now Self Employed as a Training Consultant in Leeds United Kingdom.
Houghton (nee du Plessis), Henriette - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: WP262 - W/Patrol Officer
Joined: December 1974; served until December 1976
E-mail: ; Telephone: +27 11 4440650;
+27 72 504 1159
Second squad of women to ever join the BSAP. Stationed in Bulawayo until there were enough women to make up a squad. After depot, stationed at Shabani for a year, then transferred to Salisburg Control Room. Married (and subsequently divorced) Billy Houghton, also BSAP.
Updated: 20 September 2014
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Howard, Tim - Mossel Bay, South Africa 8 December 2002
Force Number: 8604 - Section Officer
Joined 1971; served to December 1980
Branch Membership - Western Cape
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 044 601 3362
Ex Gwelo, Enkeldoorn, Avondale, Dog Section and Suppot Unit. Fond memories Dog Section, Peter Gibson IC Dog Section, best I/C I worked for. Enkeldoorn, Insp McMakmanmon who I used to piss-off frequently and 2 I/C Taki Amira who was always a pillar of moral fibre.
Howell,Raymond - Ringwood, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7322 - Patrol Officer
Joined: 5 April 1965 - Squad: 4/1965; served until 5 April 1968
After leaving the force I went to London University and then into teaching. I taught for 14 years and then ran my own businesses for another 15. I am now occupied with voluntary work, some of which takes me back to Africa with Earthwatch International.
Updated: 17 January 2015
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Howie, Iain - Pretoria, South Africa
Force Number: 9451 - Patrol Officer - RGSM, ZIM ID
Joined: August 1974 - Squad: 6/1974; served until June 1977
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 076 8842230

Was posted to Gutu for 18 months and then transferred to Control room, 4 relief. Managed to damage my B car PSP350 and decided to duck. Studied a diploma at Byo tech and there joined the A reserve. moved to RSA, Pretoria in 81 where I started my own business. have been self employed ever since. Divorced, with 2 girls Angela 24, and Cheryl 22.

Updated: 30 September 2011
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Howie, Stuart - Pretoria, South Africa
Force Number: NSPO 902238
Joined April 1977; served to June 1978
After passing out of Depot, jioned Support Unit, Mounted Troop. Initial Troop commanders were Peter Standaloft, Peter Coombes. Initial Troop comrades, Pete Richardson, Neil Reitz (Regulars) Mike Williamson, Rogan Taylor, Mike de Kock, Paul Jochin, Flaps Flanagan.
Howse, Des - Hillcrest (Durban), South Africa 24 December 2002
Regimental Number: 7229 - Inspector - RGSM
Attest Date: 12 January 1965 - Squad: 1/1965; served to 30 August 1973
Branch Membership: Natal
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +27 31 7621010; +27 83 4406740
Hoy, Clive Harold - Francistown, Botswana
Force Number: 7688 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 11 November 1967 - Squad: 1/1967; served until 11 January 1970
Branch Membership: Mashonaland
E-Mail: ; Telephone: +267 72993009
Born 1947; married with two children ages 40 and 43. One grandchild passed away in 1990 in a car accident. Remaining grandchildren are two boys and two girls and one boy on the way. I am presently managing a timeshare resort in Botswana which is owned by an S A timeshare company.
Updated: 24 August 2014
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Hoyes, Denis Charles see Petmezaki
Hubbard, Graham - Durban, South Africa
Force Number: 8301 - D/Inspector - Bronze Baton
Joined: August 1969 - Squad: 7/1969; served until August 1981
(031) 563 7942
082 7858226
Stationed Gwelo, Selukwe, Featherstone,Bulawayo Inquiries Section,CID Bulawayo, SB Gwanda, SB Beitbridge. Currently retired from Marsh Risk Consulting Services after 25 years service . Undertaking contract work for Marsh Risk Consulting service.
Updated: 22 January 2016
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Hubbard, Hugh 'Fred' Graeme - Pulborough, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7085 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 10 April 1964 - Squad: 2/1964; served until 31 March, 1970
Branch Membership: United Kingdom Branch
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 01798 873547
N.B. I was always known by the nickname of Fred, while in Rhodesia, and still answer to it. Now fully retired and reliant on Sussex Police pension and O.A.P, local voluntary work has taken over -hospital driving etc. Still married to Angela - Triangle hairdresser in the 60's. 2 daughters, 1 in U.K. -30 mins away, 1 in New Zealand, takes a bit longer to get there, each have a son.
Updated: 20 February 2011
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Hughes, Dan - Crowborough, Sussex, United Kingdom
Force Number: 6308
Joined 13 February 1961; served to 28 February 1982
Branch Membership - United Kingdom
Hughes, David - Perth, Australia
Force Number: 9971 - Section Officer
Joined: February 1977 - Squad: 4/1977; served until December 1981
Served in Ground Coverage in Tjolotjo, Nkai and finally Essexvale. Moved to South Africa in 1982 and spent 27 years there moving from Port Elizabeth to Durban and eventually to Johannesburg working in the air-conditioning and export industry, eventually as a Director of Samsung Electronics for 7 years. Married to Elieen in 1995 and have two beautiful girls Shannon and Bailey (currently both at Uni) Moved to Perth in 2010 and running a small business and enjoying the freedom of Australia.
Updated: 29 October 2016
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Hughes, Errol Trevor 'Stretch' - Darnall, South Africa
Force Number: 7026 - Section Officer - RGSM
Attest Date: 18 January 1963 - Squad: 9/63; served to 31 March 1975
Branch Membership: Durban
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 083 234 8726
Live alone on a farm just outside Darnall, KwaZulu-Natal. Wife died some years ago. Have a nice three bedroomed cottage. I am still working in the security and firearm training fields, but have also taken on some other challenges. Always a spare bed and hot meal available should you need it. Love to hear from my old friends.
Updated: 28 June 2008
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Hughes (nee Grigg), Lesley - Cricklade
Force Number: WP153 - W/Patrol Officer
Joined: May 1970 - Squad: 1/1970; served until November 1972
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 07766135148
Updated: 28 December 2011
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Hughes, Howard - Turriff, United Kingdom
Force Number: 9298 - Section Officer
Joined: 31 December 1974 - Squad: 8/1974; served until 1980
Posted to the Midlands, after a couple of days in Gwelo was sent onto to Belingwe, thereafter back to Gwelo served in both Charge Office and Traffic and Enquires. My last posting was as I/C Camps in Kadoma.
Updated: 29 February 2012
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Hughes, Mal - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 8395 - Section Officer
Joined: January 1970 - Squad: 1/1970; served until September 1980
Branch Membership: Western Cape Branch
Updated: 20 February 2011
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Hughes, Peter 'Patch' - Lancing, United Kingdom
Force Number: 10066 - Section Officer - Silver Baton; RGSM; ZIM
Joined: May 1977 - Squad: 4/1977
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
44 1903 767848
+44 7872029600
Updated: 7 August 2017
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Hurry, Karl Vance - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 9499/110890 - D/Section Officer
Attest Date: 5 December, 1975 - Squad: 8/1975; served to Sept 1982
Association Branch Membership: Matabeleland
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 011 213 607
President of the Matabeleland Branch of the Regimental Association

Hunt, Craig - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 111082 - Section Officer
Attest Date: 1 December 1979 - Squad: 14/79; served to 1 April 1982
Joined Duty uniform squad 14/79 transferred to Support Unit Mounted troop then Echo and finally India Troop
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Hutchinson, Brian - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 8436 - C/Inspector - RGSM
Attest Date: 5 March 1970 - Squad: 2/1970; served to 30 July 1980
Branch Membership: Transvaal /Natal
E-mail: E-mail: ; Telephone: 083 469 1492
Served Que Que Rural, Shabani, Hartley, Gatooma, Enkeldoorn, i/c Lalapanzi, Support Unit ( 2/i/c Charlie Company and i/c Kilo Company ). Pa famba gondo harishay.
Updated: 19 September 2009
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Hutchison, George - Kwambonambi, South Africa
Force Number: 6105 - Section Officer
Joined: December 1959 - Squad: 12/1959; served until 1970
E-Mail: ; Telephone: 0836483363; Fax: 0867507615
Not a lot to say, Live in a very small village in KZN. Think its about time I tried to keep contact with old mates. Left it a bit late (better late than never at my age)
Updated: 28 December 2011
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Hywood, Anthony - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Force Number: 7482 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: 11 November 65 - Squad: 10/1965; served until February 1971
Last stationed with Salaisbury Dog Section (PD 742 Schnapps).Joined the Tobacco industry in Rhodesia. Left in 1978 for the UK and work in India in the tobcco industry. Lived in Italy/Uk and Malaysia. Retired in 2006 as VP of Dimon International and MD of Far East operations. Retired in Malaysia and also have small farm in Mid Wales with 1 mile of private fishing on the Tieffi river. Spend 6mths a year in each location. Started an IT company with my 2 sons in Malaysia.

Updated: 8 January 2011
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