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The BSA Police Dog Section was first a part of the CID.

Images by Dick Hamley author of 'The Regiment'


ADF 8646
25 August 2018

Members I - India
Ibbitt, Laurie -Pretoria, South Africa
Force Number: 6059 - D/C/Inspector - PLSM; RGSM; Bronze Baton.
Joined: 31 August 1959 - Squad: 9/1959; served until 1 August 1980
Branch Membership: Transvaal

currently residing in Pretoria South Africa where I run Better Security and Protection BSAP CC a Security Consultancy and Investigation Agency.Married to Elizabeth,two children,one in RSA and the other in North Carolina.
Updated: 15 September 2012
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Iddon, Dick -Badminton, United Kingdom
Force Number: 9240 - Inspector
Joined: 1973 - Squad: 4/1973; served until 1985
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
01453 835042
Straight to Equestrian Staff from Depot plus Squad Instructor of many regular and NS Squads. Would enjoy hearing from any ex recruits and many of my rugby friends who may still be talking to me. I ask your forgiveness.
Updated: 3 December 2011
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Impey, Mark - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 10420 - Inspector (T) - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: 6 February 1978 - Squad: 5/1978; served until November 1982
Currently work as QHSSE Manager in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Updated: 22 January 2016
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Inman, Chris -Durban, South Africa
Force Number: 8472 - RGSM
Joined: June, 1970 - Squad: 4/1970; served until November, 1981
Branch Membership: Natal

Salisbury Central - Charge Office with Sean Crowe & Scouse Jones, Arthur Du Toit Phil Hart. Licence Inspectors - worked in company with brian Hodson, Stoffel Steyn, Swannie Swanepoel. 1975/6 Worked at Matapi as an S/O with Jon Jordan, Chris Cannon, George Paton, Slopie Schoeman,Dave Pepperill,Ant Crosley, Dennis Marshall, Spats Jansen,Vic Sutherland. 1976 - 1977?S/O Stodart worked with Pat Fergussen, Spats Jansen. 1978/79. Worked AT Breaside as an S/O with Jamie Tennant. 1978/79 as an Inspector Investigations Salisbury Central and Control Room, working with Jimmy Shield, Pat Burns, Arthur Du Toit, et al. P.G.H.Q Planning and Development with Jock Gibson, Jock Mitchell. Worked at Police Staff college with Eddie Bush, ?Cocky Roach (Ex South District) Emigrated to South Africa 1981 and presently self employed in the security industry.
Updated: 15 November 2010
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Ions, Edward -Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 7310 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: 16 Marc 1965 - Squad: 3/1965; served until 30 November 1975
Branch Membership: Western Cape
Edward is treasurer of BSAP Western Cape.
Updated: 9 June 2013
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Irvine, Jan see Knight
Isdale, Ewen (Scatch) - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 8749 / 9569 - D/Inspector
Attest Date: 1972 / 1976 - Squad: 1/72; served to 1975 / 1981
Branch Membership: Gauteng
27 82 881 0634
Stationed at Gatooma Rural, Mabelreign, Salisbury Central (Enquiries), Waterfalls, Southerton, SB Salisbury, Kariba/Chirundu and Bulawayo
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Members J - Juliet
Jaboor (nee Bayley), Beverly -Peterborough, Canada
Force Number: WP115 - GSM
Joined: 1 January 66 - Squad: 1/1966; served until 11 Aug 1970
This is to update my file. I work with Royal African Safaris and have been with them since 2003. We moved from Toronto to Peterborough, Ontario in November 2010. All other family information is current.
Updated: 28 December 2011
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Jaboor, Farris - Peterborough, Canada
Force Number: 7081 - D/Patrol Officer - GSM
Joined: 9 April 1964 - Squad: 2/1964; served until 14 August 1970
Branch Membership: North America
Married to Bev (WPO115) and living 90 miles outside Toronto, Canada in Peterborough close to our daughter and family. Retired in 2006 after 25 years with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. Still in touch with many ex-members in the Americas, Britain and southern Africa. Keeping busy golfing, volunteering and travelling.
Updated: 23 May 2014
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James, Christopher William Mareeba, Australia
Force Number: 7602 - Patrol Officer
Joined: 6 June 1966 - Squad: 5/1966; served until 30 October 1969
Updated: 15 September 2012
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James, Colyn Philip - Monymusk, United Kingdom
Force Number: 7418 - Patrol Officer - AFCM, MFC(Op), RGSM, IM, SRD (Oman)Dhofar PM et al
Joined: September 1965 - Squad: 8/1965; served until January 1970
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
+441467651925 ;
District Branch throughout, Lalapanzi, Featherstone, Enkeldoorn and Gwelo Rural. Left to go flying and subsequently joined the RhAf. Flew on 7 Sqn throughout the war. Left AFZ end of 1983. Later in Oman with the Sultans Airforce. Later ran a Helicopter and Fixed Wing Operation for BHNL in Nigeria. Now retired.
Updated: 11 July 2015
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James, David Killeen - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 8452 - D/Inspector
Joined: April 1970 - Squad: 3/1970; served until May 1981
Branch Membership: Transvaal
Stationed at Marandellas,(Mike Leach, Fred Pringle, Dave Farrington, Terry Merriigan Dave Willis, Bob Clegg), Nyamapanda (Dave Rhodes, Jan Wielopolski, Pete Cawood, Phil Talbot, Mike Hill), Goromonzi (Gordon Best, Ralph Williams, Pete Dewe, Tony Kenchington), Avondale (Bill Linfield, Tony Hickman, John 'Blinks' Halstead, John Padbury,Charlie Davis), CID - Stores (Jock Pirrett), Drugs (Bob Schonken), Crimes of Violence (CW Hobley, Jim Carse, Lawrie Mabin, Trevor Mitrovich, Derek Huggins, Daphne Morrison), CIDHQ CCB (Cyril Robinson, Wally Wilton, Alan Terry, John van Zyl, Gerry Hardwick, John Richards) Scenes of Crime (John Baker, Bob Papenfus, John Fleming, Manie Leonard, Dutch van Eck), Stores (Chris Russell). Worked in the paper industry for past thirty two years - currently Mkting & Purchasing Director for French based merchant in Johannesburg.
Updated: 2 February 2017
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James (Nee Haybittel), Deborah - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 205252Z - Reserve Women Patrol Officer
Joined: 1979; served until 1980
Updated: 31 August 2018
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Jamieson, Desmond Barry -Melbourne, Australia
Force Number: 902642x - Patrol Officer - RGSM; ZIM; 10 Year SM
Joined: 4 January 1978 - Squad: Nat.Service 02/1978; served until April 1980
+61488333404 Fax:
NSPO from 78-80. Based at Mushandike until July 1979, then a member of PATU / Police Reserve (Harare). I moved to Byo in 1980 and actually joined Byo Traffic Branch (A Reserve) from 1981 to 1991. My force number was changed to 092642x. Left Byo in 2002 and currently live in australia.
Updated: 9 June 2013
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Jansen van Vuuren, Hendrik Gerhardus -Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Force Number: 9823 - Patrol Officer
Joined 20 November 1976 - Squad: 11/76; served until 4 April 1979
27836281693 Fax: 27414536001
Updated: 20 February 2010
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Jeoffreys, Brian Joseph - Blackett, Australia
Force Number: 6128
Joined: February 1960 - Squad: 01/1960; served until February 1967
Branch Membership: Australia
Updated: 21 February 2018
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Jennings, Michael - Brisbane, Australia
Force Number: 7618 - Reserve Section Officer - RGSM; ZIM
Joined: June 1966 - Squad: 5/1966; served until 1980
Branch Membership: Mashonaland
+63 07 3382 6018
Updated: 22 January 2016
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Jewson, Alan - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 7855 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 12 December 1967 - Squad: 8/1967; served until February 1970
Branch Membership: Transvaal Branch
+27 (0)11 704 0358
+27 (0)83 263 6741
Updated: 4 August 2018
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Jewson, Derek - Abbotsbury, United Kingdom
Force Number: 6680 - Patrol Officer
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
01753543230 Fax 01758591588
Served in Victoria Province as a rural policeman at Chibi,Gutu and Nuanetsi before joining as an early European member of the Support Unit. I came under the care of Ian Dunbar who is personally responsible for my later fate. We served for the most part in Bulawayo. I visit Southern Africa fairly frequently, last year I spent three weeks in the Zambesi valley, which had not changed much since patrolling there in 66/67. Look forward to linking up with old friends.
Updated: 23 September 2017
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Job, Michael David - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 6588 - Inspector - RGSM
Joined: February 1962 - Squad: 2/1962; served until February 1984
Branch Membership: Western Cape
021 7881955
Left on gratuity, returned to Durban in various sales and security related jobs, then Cape Town City Security Services for 32 years, the last 8 years as support officer to Mayoral Council member Ald J P Smith. Retired in 2015 to care for stroke patient wife. Interests include creative writing, Border Collies and running my Judo club - The Judokan (after my Bulawayo club). Keen to hear from any old colleagues.
Updated: 29 December 2018
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Johns, Matilda - London, United Kingdom
Force Number: WP573 - Woman Patrol Officer - PLSM
Attest Date: 13 March 1980 - Squad: 1/1980; served to 26 September 1996

I trained at Morris Depot, was transfered to Mutare Central, Bulawayo Central, PGHQ then Mutare Rural. Is there anyone out there who remembers me, like Jenny Marsdorp, Maureen Radermeere, Debbie Bourne and Janet Curry. Looking to hear from anyone who remembers me.
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Johnson, Charles Anthony - Winchester, United Kingdom
Force Number: 4707 - Constable
Joined: 7 April 1951; served until April 1956
Branch Membership: Natal Midlands
Updated: 1 August 2015
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Johnson, Chris - Aylesford, Kent, United Kingdom
Force Number: 6514 - Superintendent
Attest Date: 4 November 1961 - Squad: 13/61; served to 30 November 1988
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
01622 715 029
Relocated to the United Kingdom w.e.f. 25 June 2005 after 43 happy and memorable years in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.
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Johnson, Cliff - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 111038 - D/Patrol Officer
Joined: December 1979 - Squad: 14/1979
1980 Display Squad, 1980 Mounted Escort( for Prince Charles 1980 Independence Celebrations Rufaro Stadium, opening of first Zimbabwe Parliament 1980 ), then uniform branch Kariba, Bumi Hills, then C.I.D.H.Q. within Scenes of Crime. Served with Ken Budd I/C Kariba, Buddy Nothard 2I/C Kariba, Dutch Van Eck, Marnie Leonard, and Mike Jones, all of S.O.C. Greetings to all members of 14/79, and all others i served with.

Updated: 4 August 2018
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Johnson, Mark -Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 10299 - S/Patrol Officer
Joined 30/12/1977 - Squad: 14/77; served until January 1980

Updated: 27 March 2010
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Johnson, Robin Michael 'Johnny' - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number : 6739
Joined October 1962; served to October 1965
Branch Membership: Western Cape
27 21 701 9253
Bulawayo Hillside P/O
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Johnston, Rory - London, United Kingdom
Force Number: 8488 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Attest Date: 24 June 1970 - Squad: 5/70; served to 23 June 1973
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
Served under Terry Albyn at Mabelreign, then John Dolby at Salisbury Park, left and joined A reserve in Gwelo because Paddy Crowe told me to when seeing my wedding photo in the paper!
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Johnstone, Alistair - Modi'in, Israel
Force Number: 9892 - Section Officer - GSM, ZIM
Attest Date: 25 January 1977 - Squad: 1/77; served to 1 January 1981

Squad 1/77. Served at West Comm 1977,78 and 79. Posted to Enkeldoorn January 1980
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Johnstone, Simon -Bungendore, Australia
Force Number: 7773 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 23 June 1967 - Squad: 5/1967; served until 1 July 1970

Served in Central, Braeside and Borrowdale, PATU and was an active reservist till October 1975, when I emigrated to Australia. After leaving full time sevice, was Prod Manager Edwin and Rachelle Studios and worked RBC, RTV. Still in the media - mostly IT systems now - and having an interesting life. Back single again but with a 19 year old daughter.
Updated: 29 February 2012
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Jones, Christopher Stephen - Truro, United Kingdom
Force Number: 10462 - Patrol Officer - RGSM, ZIM
Joined: 6 February 78 - Squad: 6/1978; served until 21 March 1981
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
I was trained in squad 6/78 and after a severe culture shock thanks to George Cameron-Dow actually came to enjoy the Depot experience. Thereafter posted to Bulawayo rural district and served at Plumtree (briefly) then Mangwe (two years) and finally Fort Rixon. Returned to United Kingdom to get my education and have been here ever since working in Forestry, farming and the oil industry as well as serving the TA (a complete doddle after Rhodesia). I would like to get in touch with any of the guys who I knew in those days.
Updated: 1 August 2015
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Jones, Geraint 'Bomber' -London, United Kingdom
Force Number: 9270 - Section Officer - RGSM, ZIM
Attest Date: 24 November 1974 - Squad: 7/1974; served to 10 June 1980
Branch Membership: United Kingdom

Informed by reliable sources that he was well-known in the JOC Mt. Darwin and Mtoko areas, Mrewa, SIS, Marandellas, SB Salisbury - Civvie Street, Mount Darwin GC, Pfumo Revanhu, Mount Darwin in indeterminate capacity, Uniform Shamva. Thoroughly schizophrenic career.
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Jones, Nick -Benoni, South Africa
Force Number: 110603 - S/Patrol Officer - RGSM, ZIM
Joined: 13 July 1978 - Squad: 11/1978; served until October 1980
+27 83 693 8614
Squad 11/78 - Mashaba Ground Coverage, Chibi, Ft.Vic Central, Nuanetsi, CD Base, CG Base,Chiredzi, Triangle, Mkwasine, Chikadzwa, Left Oct 1980 to Bulawayo/Filabusi - S.A. in 1982 to present. Agricultural Chemicals Marketing Manager.
Updated: 26 June 2016
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Jones, Parry -Thrapston, United Kingdom
Force Number: 6609 - Superintendent - RLSM, RGSM, Zim Indep, PNG 10th Ann.
Joined 12 February 1962 - Squad: 2/62; served to 19 July 1981
Branch Membership: United Kingdom
01832 732668

Formally known as Hywel Parry-Jones, but dropped the hyphen for informal purposes. After depot, to Salisbury (Enquiries, Info Room, Waterfalls) and to CID/SB Salisbury, Que Que, and then Bulawayo Drugs, Property, and Homicide. Came to United Kingdom for a while, before joining the Papua New Guinea Constabulary. I am now in United Kingdom working with CID Corby, Northants. Married Meg in Salisbury, and divorced. Our two daughters in Las Vegas and London. Married Jan (deceased Sept 2008) in Que Que, and our two sons, Huw and Glyn in United Kingdom.
Updated: 19 September 2009
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Jonker, Anna Maria see Price
Jonker - Cedric 'Brian' - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 8415 - D/Patrol Officer - GSM
Joined: February 1970 - Squad: 2/1970; served until February,1973
Posted to Bulawayo in August 1970 and spent all my short career there. Left the Force to join the world of Commerce and moved to Salisbury In 1978. Still in Harare and own my own Panelbeating Shop, Cedric Jonker Spraypaints based in Msasa. I have been married for 40 years and have 2 wonderful daughters and 22 Grandchildren.
Updated: 23 September 2017
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Jordan, Jon -Perth, Western Australia
Force Number: 8899 - D/Inspector
Attest Date: 3 January 1973; served to April 1981
618 92 98 9240
Squad 1/73, served Southerton, Harare, Matapi, CID - probationer of 1976 - Frauds, L&O, SOC, Marlborough, stints in Rusape. Played soccer, Sunday boozers being the highlight
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Joss, Donald William - Bloemfontein, South Africa
Force Number: 5991 - Superintendent - PLSM; RGSM, XYSM
Joined: 1958 - Squad: Cadet; served until December 1982
Branch Membership: Mashonaland
+27 822259310
Updated: 2 July 2016
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Joubert, Kenneth Keith -Durban, South Africa
Force Number: 9131 - Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: January 1974 - Squad: 1/74; served until October 1978
082 824 2636; Fax: 086 552 6759
Updated: 5 June 2011
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