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The BSA Police District Trooper circa 1938.

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ADF 8646
25 August 2018

Members U - Uniform
Ulyate, George - Upper Hutt, New Zealand
Force Number: 6174 - Constable
Joined: 1960 - Squad: 4/60; served to 1964
(04) 970 6110
First joined 1959 (Cadet Squad 1/59)Served Rhodesville, Highlands ? and Salisbury Central CIB (with Dave Blacker). Recruit Squad 4/60 and then Umtali Urban till 64. Married and moved to NZ. Joined NZP and served 1964 to 1998. Now happily retired.
Members V - Victor
van den Heever, Stephen - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 7290 - Patrol Officer
Joined: March 1965 - Squad: 3/1965; served until March 1968
Branch Membership: Transvaal
(011) 615-2330
(083) 455-7229
Left Force in March 1968 moved to Joburg, RSA. Worked 5 years in Ag Machinery Sales and then joined a company selling machinery to the Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetic and Chemicals Industries. Was a Director of the Company and left in 1992 to go on my own. After 3 months joined a competitor who made me the proverbial offer I could not refuse. This lasted 10 years during which time we built a factory 50/50 partnership and also a manufacturing business where I only had a small share. Was thoroughly screwed over by my partner and namesake and this taught me an important lesson. a partner(ship)is a ship that rarely sails. Perhaps he should have done time in the BSAPolice to learn about honesty and integrity. Enough said about that. I started my own business in March 2007 doing exactly the same thing as what I had started in 1972, selling equipment and services to the aforementioned Industries in RSA, Zimbabwe, Zambia, DRC. I am still active in my business.
Updated: 16 July 2016
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van der Merwe, Hendrik - Harare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 9840
Joined: December 1976; served to 1980
04 693087
Umvukwes uniform branch for a short time. SIS Hurricane, GC Mukumbura, swan lake, Masambura. Would like anyone who remembers me to get in touch.
van der Vlugt, Hubertus Hendrikus 'Bert' - Den Haag, Netherlands
Force Number: 8559
Joined: 5 January 1971 - Squad: 2/71 - Inspector - RGSM; ZIM.; served to 30 April 1981
On completion of depot, served in the black south, Harari, Matapi, Southerton,Waterfalls, Sby Park and Machipisa. Did 5 years in GC at Matapi. Also served with SU and on leaving lectured Law and Polce at Morris Depot. Would like to hear from old buddies.
29 September 2007
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van Blerk, Kenneth Derreck - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 7623 - Inspector - RGSM; PLSM; Bronze Baton.
Joined: : 14 July 1966 - Squad: 6/1966; served until 31 August 1986
Longest serving Patrol Officer in Police History (14 years) Last white Policeman to be incharge of a District Post as member in charge, Dete.(1983) Last white Policeman to be incharge of a peri-urban station, Western Commonage (1986). Only member of duty uniform to hold the status of Marksman and carry the crossed rifles to the end.( 20 years in total) Competed for every year.
Updated: 5 February 2012
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van Buuren, Brian Anthony - Mutare, Zimbabwe
Force Number: 9047 - MSM LSM GSM
Joined: : 1960
Branch Membership:Mashonaland
First attested into the Field Reserve in Rusape. In 1964 moved to Burma Valley, Mutare and served in VATS and then PATU. In 1974 joined the Police Reserve Air Wing as a pilot and served there until 1980 Now reside in Mutare after loosing my farm in Burma Valley
Updated: 27 January 2013
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Van Eck, Dutch - Centurion, South Africa
Force Number: 8393 - D/C/Inspector - RGSM; XYSM
Joined: 27 January 1970 - Squad: 1/1970; served until November 1981
Branch Membership: Transvaal
0825520954 - Fax: 0866133934
Updated: 22 May 2010
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van Heerden (nee Clayton), Rose - Potchefstroom, South Africa
Force Number: WP170 - W/Patrol Officer - RGSM
Joined: 21 January 1972 - Squad: WP1 of 1972 ; served to 28 February 1977
Redundant ;
+27 (0) 82 800 1577
Updated: 28 June 2016
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van Leeuwen, Sharon see Millwood
van Niekerk, Jac - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 6593 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: 9 February 1962 - Squad: 2/62; served to November 1972
Branch Membership:Transvaal
011 8024800 - Fax: 011 8024475
Resident Johannesburg 22 years. Divorced 12 years. 3 children. Engaged June Norman (Rhodesian swimming champ) Self employed Insurance Loss Adjuster 32 years.
van Woerden, Carl - Cape Town, South Africa
Force Number: 8897 - Inspector - RGSM ZIM
Joined: : 01 January 1973 - Squad: 1/1973; served until 16 January 1981
Branch Membership: Western Cape
083-6774980 - Fax: 0865835210
Currentl living in Cape Town. Go on Facebook every now and then.
Updated: 8 September 2010
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Van Wyk (nee Kerr), Ruth Louise - Durban, South Africa
Force Number: WP360 - W/Patrol Officer
Joined: : November 1976 - Squad: 1/1977; served until November 1978
I am Zimbabwean born and joined the BSAP in November '76 working in PGHQ awaiting depot. I entered Morris Depot with the largest ever Womens intake in April '77, passing out in June '77 and was then stationed in Gwelo for 2 years. I was with Uniform Branch for 1 year and then transferred to C.I.D. I have wonderful memories of Gwelo, both sad because of the war and happy because of the wonderful days I had in the Police Force. I am now living in Durban, Kwazulu Natal.
Updated: 28 July 2012
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Van Zyl, Piet 'Stompy' - Hartebeesport, South Africa
Force Number: 8111 - Inspector - RGSM
Joined: October 1968 - Squad: 10/1968; served until February 1981
Branch Membership: Transvaal
0832364254 Fax: 0832364254
After leaving Depot served at Salisbury Central - Charge Office, Magistrates Court, Crime Prevention Unit, Salisbury Dog Section, Salisbury Traffic Investigations, Avondale Police Station Did a stint of Close Security to the PM) - then on to Karoi and lastly Gatooma running both the Rural and Central Crime Investigations.
Updated: 21 June 2016
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Varkevisser, Dan - Kempton Park, Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 7177 - S/Patrol Officer – RGSM; ZIM
Joined: 18 October 1964- Squad: 7/64; served to 31 January 1968
0828941435; Fax: 0866126117
Join as a cadet C298, March 1963 at Gwelo under Ian Bell tested 18/10/64 as a regular 7177 station Salisbury Central,CPU,Hatfield and Fort Victoria then joined 'A' Reserve 16749E till March 1984, serving Hatfield,Southerton and Salisbury Park then left for RSA.
13 January 2008
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Vaughan, Alun - Sydney, Australia
Force Number: 5781
Joined: 12 December 1957 - Squad: 11/1957; served to 24 December 1962
Branch Membership: Australia
+61 2 4388 5291;
+61 410 691 068;
Attested as Alun Williams in squad 11/57, which became the Mounted Squad of '58. From Depot to Mount Darwin under Sgt. Jack Reeves and Const Brian Parnaby. Posted to Salisbury in '60 and served in the Enquiry Section, CID, Traffic and License Inspector i/c Sex 'n Drugs. Continued to play rugby for the Force until early '70s. Joined the Rhodesia Herald in '63 as a reporter, later RTV's news section and lastly in Rhodesia working for the Rhodesia Party's failed attempt to oust Ian Smith. Then seven years in Cape Town and Johannesburg, four in London until settled happily in Sydney in '86.
Venters, Ian - London, UK
Force Number: 9962 - Patrol Officer
Joined: February 1977 - Squad: 4/1977; served to February 1980

Joined squad 4/77 and was initially posted to Buhera, (Chiuri post) for my first year, and then to Inyazura (Ground Coverage) for the remainder of my time. On leaving I went to University in Cape Town to study accountancy and now live in the UK.
Ventouris, Tom - Boksburg, South Africa
Force Number: 111004 - D/Patrol Officer - RGSM, ZIM
Joined: 12 November 1979 - Squad: 12/79; served to 31 August 1983

I joined as Cadet at Mabelreign 1979. Posted to Bindura after Morris Depot then to CID Fraud Bulawayo
Vernon, Jeremy - Aylesford, Kent, United Kingdom
Force Number: 10548 - Section Officer
Joined: 29 December 1977 - Squad: 15/1977; served until 29 April 1984
+44 (0)1622 716114
I started with a stint in Kezi, Matabeleland. Moved to Bulawayo Central FIC. Later transferred to Salisbury Central FIC. Finally serving 3 years in the Close Protection Unit.
Updated: 17 October 2015
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Vickery, John - Perth, Australia
Force Number: 8240 - C/Inspector - rgsm & Independence medal
Joined: : 17 April 1969 - Squad: 3/1969; served until 16 April 1981 Branch
Branch Membership: Australia
08 93093277 Fax: 08 93091807
Updated: 10 April 2011
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Vieira, Jose' 'Joss' - Canberra, Australia
Force Number: 9908 - D/Patrol Officer - RGSM, ZIM
Joined: 25 January 1977 - Squad: 2/77; served to 17 February 1981
Viljoen, Craig - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 8780 - Section Officer - RGSM
Joined: 1 March 1972 - Squad: 2/72; served to 5 May 1981
Branch Membership: Transvaal

First station was Hartley. Member i/c Jamie Whitelaw. Transferred to Shabani Feb. 1974 then joined Support Unit in August of that year. Served with Black Boots until May 1976. Last station Bulawayo Central, CPU 'V'Section Bulawayo Urban Emergency Unit [SWAT] circa 1981
Updated: 19 December 2009
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Viljoen, William Peter 'Bill' - Johannesburg, South Africa
Force Number: 9716 - Patrol Officer
Joined: November 1971 - Squad: 9/1971; served until 1973
Updated: 1 August 2015
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Vivian, Bruce - Durban, South Africa
Force Number: 6186 - Sergeant
Joined: 17 July 1960 - Squad: 5/60; served to 30 September 1962
I consider the time I spent in the BSAP as the best time of my life. Joined July '60 and on passing out transferred to the armoury where I was in the company of Don Hollingsworth. Shot for the Police in the 1961 forces shoot in Bulawayo and '61 Pistol shoot against the South African Police. Left in 1962 to join the RRAF as a pilot trainee. Left the RRAF at the end of '63 at the breakup of the Federation and travelled to Durban. Here ever since. Now run an engineering shop supplying components to the steel industry. Would love to here from anyone who remembers me.
Updated: 20 October 2007
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