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March 2017 News

In Memoriam For news concerning the recent death of former members, please visit the In Memoriam pages
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Discontinuance of News Page There is too little news coming in from Regimental Association Branches and former members to warrant the maintainance of this page. Visitation statistics do not distinguish between search bots and genuine visitors seeking what little news there is. The Web Administrator is thus going to close down or reduce this page. He needs to survey visitation to this news page and make comparisons between dissemination of news on the website versus the use of social media. If you are a regular human visitor please drop me an e-mail outlining your preferences for news, between Outpost magazines, the news section on the Branch page and this news page; and you preference as to receiving news on a web site versus social media. Send your contribution to the site Web Administrator via e-mail:

Updated: 6 March 2017
George William SewellI would be most grateful if anyone has any information about my great uncle George Sewell, who was born in Norfolk, England in 1892. He joined the BSAP after WW1 & we understand he was a fairly well known horseman. I have found a death at Gwelo in 1966, that could be him. We don't know if he married & or had any children. Anything would really be appreciated.
- Hitchin, United Kingdom
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Updated: 8 March 2017 / 12M

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If you were recruited in the United Kingdom and sailed to Southern Rhodesia, and you have grandchildren, born after December 1982, who may potentially wish to acquire British nationality, then you might assist them by completing this form. Parents of the grandchild must have been born in Southern Rhodesia during your service. This information will be maintained on a confidential database for future reference.

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Gordon Finishes the Monte Carlo Rally - In Memory of his late Wife Moira
Gordon Best (7264) recently completed the Monte Carlo Rally in his 56 year old, 1960 Rover P4 100 Saloon, Cuthbert, in memory of his beloved late wife, Moira, who had been a rally enthuiast. She died on 20th October 2016 and missed out on participating in this rally epic. The return journey was some 4,200 kilometers in distance!
Gordon recently wrote to say that he had completed the rally,
"Hi everyone, well from the top of the Alps to the yachting billionaires marina, yes, Moira, we have done it (Just!!!), with us fortunately all the way to get us out of the snow ice ditches, miss the Stop Sign, make a cyclist go to the loo early, and the lady driver in the CitroÎn on the wrong side in the rocky tunnel, the Alpine Christmas decorations that confuse red traffic lights to green! Oh yes, and the smiling Gendarmerie for not looking at the speed limits as Cuthbert roared by throughout the last 34 hrs of nonstop lunacy in arriving at time check.
Scenery just stunning in the few seconds coming out of hairpins, people magnificent waving cheering photos, chatting. What an unforgettable experience that we are trying to digest in our Dinner suits over dinner at the 5-Star Fairmont on the seafront dripping with gold/yachts/ship's. Cheers MOIRA from all of us"
Office Bearers and members of the Regimental Associations congratulate Gordon and ' Cuthbert' on a magnificant achievement in memory of Gordon's late wife, Moria. You may still donate to the cause.

ADF 8646
1 February 2017
New Book - The Diary of Edwin Clarke
Title: The Diary of Edwin Clarke
Author: Clarke, Edwin Gulliver - BSA Police 245; Served 1901-1907
Publisher: Jeppestown Press, London : 2017
ISBN : 978-0-9570837-3-8
Availabilty: Amazon
Edwin Clarke left behind his comfortable, English middle-class life as the son of a bank manager to become a mounted trooper in the British South Africa Police in Rhodesia - now Zimbabwe - in 1901. When he died in 1955, Clarke left behind a unique handwritten diary of his service, which is published here over 110 years later. For the first time, read his account of horseback safari across miles of unspoiled African landscape in rural Matabeleland, stalking and hunting big game. Vivid diary entries bring to life a cast of characters: gold prospectors, legendary farmers and settlers telling yarns around a camp fire at night, friendly African chiefs, and Clarke's fellow police officers.
14 January 2017
Hartley BSAP 1913-23I am a historian seeking information about Samuel Moyo, or any BSAP African Constable named Moyo, who worked in Hartley and Gatooma between 1913 and 1923. I am interested in any list of African constables, or any relevant photograph of any BSAP from these towns at this time. Or, if you know of any document listing African BSAP constables at this time, please let me know where I could locate it.
- Crawfordsville, USA
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Updated: 11 January 2017 / 12M
Western Cape Outpost Edition 80 Tony Rozemeyer and Angela Walker, joint editors of the Western Cape Outpost have sent in their latest edition, No. 80 - December 2016 for your reading pleasure. Another exceptional publication from the BSA Police Outpost stables and we compliment both Tony and Angela for keeping the news rolling. Click on the link or image for download.
ADF 8646
10 January 2017
Fort Victoria 1965-1975 Can someone please help me locate the Secretary Mrs Jones who was working for the Member in Charge, Fort Victoria, who was transferred to Sinoia mid 1970s. Thank you
- Aukland, New Zealand
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Updated: 7 January 2017

Mounted Escort Inspection 1969

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