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  • Maurice6507 - Friday 16 September 2016 11:30
    The photographs with the L/Ms TM46s, SKS/AK rifles etc originated from Op Hurricane, circa 1974/early 1975 recovered by 7860 Robert Bresler and an army intelligence detail. A Pilgrim OP South of Rushinga on a high feature one weekday afternoon observed a group of CTS from a distance and fired upon the group and at the same time, calling for Fire Force, which was deployed from Rusambo. It resulted in one capture and the recovery of the large amount of war material. The ammunition recovered was later discovered to be armour piercing. Many such caches were recovered during the course of the conflict.
  • Audrey[8391] - Wednesday 1 June 2016 11:55
    On the steps of Single Quarters, Bindura 1972
    Barry Allen, Ken Budd 8391, Mike Knight and Austin Newing.
    Taken and owned by Audrey Budd
  • Maurice6507 - Sunday 15 May 2016 16:19
    LR ??,??,??,Terry ???
  • Maurice6507 - Sunday 15 May 2016 16:18
    Seamus Power,JB Jaboor, Peter ?, ??
  • Maurice6507 - Saturday 14 May 2016 13:11
    LR Duncan MacDougall Instructor for B car driver Training, Mervyb, ??
  • Maurice6507 - Friday 6 May 2016 09:57
    Fred Punter, John Taylor and Tom Holdeen at the Kezi swimming pool.
  • Maurice6507 - Friday 6 May 2016 09:56
    John Taylor about about to dive off the water tower
  • Maurice6507 - Friday 6 May 2016 09:52
    African police contingent Kezi Police station.
  • Maurice6507 - Friday 6 May 2016 09:51
    Inspection at Kezi Police.
    Back LR John Bissett, Steve Duvenhage, Sean Dwyer
    Front LR Tim Izon,Peter Good, Larry King,Dick Evans
  • Maurice6507 - Friday 6 May 2016 09:42
    Peter says it was his first patrol and he failed to make a big enough boma(fence) to keep the horse in that night .
    Result -hitching a lift back to the station and the ignominy/embarassment of losing your horse. He went on to complete one of the last successful horse patrols as vehicles took over. Something for the grandkids.
    An era passing.