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BSA Police Book Series - No.12: Inimitable Style


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By George Style - Compiled and Edited by John Berry and Alan Stock
George Cecil Style was a man of many parts; during his life he was a bank clerk, police trooper, cattle inspector, army lieutenant, tobacco farmer, pioneer of game ranching in the then undeveloped lowveld of Southern Rhodesia and, during his retirement, a voluntary relief farm manager during the years of the Rhodesian Bushwar.
He was also a man of letters, an accomplished author of many articles about the British South Africa Police, hunting and wild life conservation and Rhodesian personalities and characters he met. He gave of his time freely to communicate with former colleagues and bring them together.
Part One of this book is his biography, the early years written by himself and the later years by the well-known lowveld doctor, Colin Saunders. Part Two comprises stories he wrote about the B.S.A.P., of which he was proud to have been a member.
Part Three has many of the stories he wrote about general Rhodesian topics, personalities, hunting and wild life observation.
In Part Four Style provides a valuable history of how the Lowveld of Southern Rhodesia was developed during the early years of the last century. This he accomplishes by detailing the lives and achievements of three of the ‘Great Characters of the Lowveld.’ He was himself another such.


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