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BSA Police Book Series - No.18: A Memoir of Early BSA Police Days

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In 1912 Southern Rhodesia was a very young country with vast areas of bush, few roads and mostly dependent on the horse, the mule and the ox-wagon for transport. Its Police Force, the British South Africa Police, together with its forebears, had only been in existence for twenty two years.It was that year the Bernard Seymour-Hall joined the B.S.A.P. as a Trooper. He had previously been a seaman for four years. After Depot training he was posted to Gwanda in Matabeleland. This station served a large area, teeming with wild animals and in the rainy season there were many flooded rivers, making travel and patrolling difficult.
The young Seymour-Hall had keen powers of observation and an interest in people together with an ability to write, which allowed him to record many tales of adventure and of the characters he met. He wrote of matters such as witchcraft, the logistics of patrolling, camels, the Bechuanaland Border Guard, mobile columns, the Spanish Flu epidemic which killed thousands, precautions against an invasion by South African rebels during the Great War and wild animal adventures.
In 1919 he transferred to the Native Affairs Department, a very important organisation in the administration of the country and recorded the life and work of the dedicated officials there.
This book is the extract from Bernard Seymour-Hall’s memoirs dealing with his time in the B.S.A.P. and is reproduced with the kind permission of his grandson, 9439, Glenn Seymour-Hall.

260 pages, inc 20 pages photographs

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