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BSA Police Book Series - No.19: More Tales of the BSAP


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This book carries on the tradition of the other books in the Series of publishing a selection of stories, articles and memoirs written by former members of the B.S.A.P. They may include articles published in ‘The Outpost’ and also previously unpublished works which may have been gathering dust for decades and which could eventually disappear for ever. The various articles and stories  have been collated and edited to present them in book form.   Comedy is catered for by more of the Scrimshank-Wick stories and by many of the A/C Kachemu cartoons of the late, great J.H. Jackson who drew for the ‘Outpost for more than thirty years.  

Tales of life on early twentieth century police stations are written by H.M. Surgey, a former Deputy Commissioner of the Force, in his well known Station Notes.   Previously unpublished is a memoir by Peter Penning of his Police service and an extract from the memoirs of Trooper ‘Ted’ Dowling, who has the distinction of being one of the ‘Alcantara Mob’, the first large batch of recruits to the Force after WWII.   At a time when most travel between Southern Rhodesia and the United Kingdom was by train and ship and took two weeks, two members relate their seperate experiences of making this journey by piston-engined aircraft taking four days each way.   Operation Vermin was a successful anti-terrorist operation carried out in the Lupani area of Matabeland in November 1966.  Ch. Supt. Terry Thorpe submitted a report to PGHQ at the conclusion of the operation and this became the template for many of the subsequent anti-terrorist operations. The report is reproduced here together with many photographs.

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