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BSA Police Book Series - No.20: From horse to Aeroplane


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The Second World War was a watershed in the evolution of the British South Africa Police. Before it the horse, mule and pack donkey were the usual modes of transport. Mechanisation was gradually creeping in but this really accelerated after the War.   Part One of this book is the account  by 4104 Tony Dumbrell of his service in the BSAP. Tony joined the Force in June 1946 (just missing sailing on  the famous Alcantara by one month). His five years of service were in Matabeleland. He was a keen  photographer and observer of people and conditions in the country, Southern Rhodesia (later Zimbabwe) and this shows in his memoir. His photographs are a valuable permanent record of scenes of the period.   Part Two is a detailed account of the Police Reserve Air Wing,  (P.R.A.W). This grew over the years from a few pilots and aircraft to the large organisation of the 1970s. Wayne Kennerley has researched his subject thoroughly and his article is a mine of information on the P.R.A.W., enhanced by the many photographs. It includes a Nominal Roll which lists most of the dedicated personnel who made the Police Reserve Air Wing the country’s Second Air Force.

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