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BSA Police Book Series - No.21: Nyati - The Last Quartermaster


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Nyati - The Last Quartermaster, the 21st and probably final book in the series of Books of the BSAP, is a tour de force of the BSAP. It is a compilation of the works of Richard Hamley, author, historian, artist and cartoonist.  Former  Assistant Commissioner Richard Hamley was Senior Staff Officer Quartermaster when the flag of the BSAP was lowered for the last time and so became the Last Quartermaster of the BSAP.
Richard is an accomplished artist, cartoonist, author, historian and is best known for his book 'The Regiment', now long out of print, a history of the BSAP accompanied by magnificent colour plates of BSAP uniforms worn by members through the years of its existence. Nyati includes a full facsimile of The Regiment with the plates and can be regarded as a pocket companion to Blue and Old Gold, the official history of the BSAP by Hugh Philips to whom Nyati is dedicated.
Nyati also includes Richard's musing on other BSAP topics such as the Regimental Colours and his 'Random Reminiscences of a Rhodesian Copper', a series of cartoons depicting life in Depot and subsequent service in the BSAP.
An appendix describes the present day activities of the BSAP Regimental Association and pays tribute to those historians and archivists who have done so much to preserve the history of what was a unique and probably the best police force in the world.
Produced on gloss paper in full colour this is one book anyone who served in the BSAP should have on their book shelf.

Product Code: BSA2IC0H94

Manufacturer: Regimental Association - UK Branch

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